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Q1 2018 a record-breaking quarter in terms of app downloads and revenues

Q1 2018 a record-breaking quarter in terms of app downloads and revenues

The first three months of this year have proven to be quite a record breaking period, especially in terms of the total volume of mobile apps downloaded and revenues generated around the world, as indicated in the latest report recently released by App Annie. Indeed, from January through March, the number of app downloads from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS) increased over 10 percent compared to the same quarter last year, hitting the 27.5 billion mark, which is the highest recorded ever. On top of that, app spending on both online stores improved 22 percent year over year in order to reach $18.4 billion, also a record shattering figure.

For some added context, the methodology that App Annie uses in measuring the total volume of downloads does not in any way take into account app updates or re-installations. As a matter of fact, the firm only counts new app installations, which means that those users re-downloading a particular app on a new handset (which tends to happen during the busy holiday shopping season, or in the weeks after) are not included.

As for determining the revenues generated, what App Annie does is count only paid mobile apps, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. It does not count in-app ads, the earnings recorded in online shopping apps and service provider apps (like ride sharing, for instance), and the revenues registered on third party Android app stores across the globe.

When the fourth quarter of 2017 had wrapped up, that three month stretch was kind of expected to post record numbers, mainly because any holiday season always sees more consumer spending than any other time of the year. Q4 2017 did indeed meet those expectations, registering the highest ever fourth quarter app download volume in history, surpassing the record set during the previous quarter, which got a boost from China, India, and other Southeast Asian mobile markets.

This time around, Q1 2018’s record shattering download numbers on Google Play were helped immensely by India (again), Indonesia, and Brazil mobile markets, while App Store downloads were boosted by the United States, Russia, and Turkey mobile markets.

With regards to app spending on Android, its record growth can be attributed to American, Japanese, and Filipino consumers. On Google Play, spending increased 25 percent compared to the previous year’s, while on the App Store, spending grew 20 percent year over year.

To know more about App Annie’s latest findings, read the entire report here.