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More Than Half of ARKit-Ready App Downloads are Games

More Than Half of ARKit-Ready App Downloads are Games

According to a new report recently released by Sensor Tower, Apple’s ARKit has now been installed over 3 million times around the world by way of a host of mobile apps and games powered by the augmented reality (AR) platform. Of that 3 million downloads, it turns out that majority of them are games (53 percent).

This should not be that surprising -- there is, after all, indisputable evidence that augmented reality can work well with mobile games. Perhaps the most perfect example is the ridiculous success of Pokemon Go last year. Ever since the game debuted in June of 2016, it has since demonstrated to the world that when used properly, augmented reality can attract lots and lots of users.

And it seems augmented reality will remain popular going forward. Based on Sensor Tower’s latest report, AR games make up the biggest category among ARKit powered apps, capturing a commanding a 35 percent share of the global ARKit downloads. After games, the next largest category is utilities, with 19 percent of all downloads. Completing the top five categories are entertainment (with 11 percent), education (7 percent), photo and video (6 percent), and lifestyle (5 percent).

Apart from downloads, ARKit-ready mobile games are also starting to earn money. Sensor Tower’s findings indicate that mobile games make up 82 percent of the total revenues generated so far. In terms of both the number of downloads and the amount of revenues generated, the top three free apps are AR Dragon, Zombie Gunship Revenant, and AR Sports Basketball. AR Dragon is gaining significant momentum, capturing a 20 percent share of the total number of downloads among the top three free apps.

Interestingly, there were a few notable free non-game ARKit powered apps that have managed to attract some attention. Chief among these is Homecraft, which is an app used for interior design (classified under the lifestyle category). Then there is AR MeasureKit, a measuring utility app, and Paint Space AR, an entertainment app.

Apple is not the only tech company exploring AR technology. As a matter of fact, rival Google also offers its own ARCore for Android users. But unlike the Android ecosystem, Apple has more control over its platform simply because it has fewer compatible devices to worry about. ARKit, after all, only works with Apple made handsets, and the company can pretty much achieve easier consistency with regards to the final product, as compared to Android which typically deals with lots of different mobile manufacturers.