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Microsoft Begins Roll-Out Of Windows 10 Mobile To Older Handsets

Microsoft Begins Roll-Out Of Windows 10 Mobile To Older Handsets

Finally, Microsoft is starting to deploy its Windows 10 updates to current mobile devices that are powered by Windows Phone 8.1. Not surprisingly, most of the handsets that are listed as compatible with Windows 10 Mobile are mainly from Microsoft and Nokia, so for those who currently have Windows running HTC One devices, you might have to be patient for a little while longer. And it is good to note that even though the roll out of Windows 10 Mobile has officially commenced, it still might take some time for the updates to find their way to existing compatible smartphone devices.


So which handsets are expected to get the updates soon? These include:



In September of last year, we reported that certain Lumia handsets are bound to be updated with Windows 10 Mobile, including the Lumia 735 (sold by Verizon Wireless), the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL (both sold by AT&T), the Lumia 635 (sold by Sprint), and the unlocked version of the Lumia 635. So far, all of these devices are included in the list above, plus some new additions.


As can be expected in mobile operating system updates, the completion of the roll out may vary depending on where the Windows mobile user is based, and also on which wireless carrier his handset is affiliated with. Moreover, it has not been made clear yet just how many more smartphones will be upgraded (eventually) to Windows 10 Mobile.


But for those who own any of the devices listed above, they will no doubt be existed to experience for themselves exactly what Windows 10 Mobile is all about. As far as features and functionalities are concerned, Windows 10 Mobile does have a lot to offer. Compared to Windows Phone 8.1, certain Microsoft apps in Windows 10 Mobile have been significantly improved, with special mention to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office apps, as well as the Cortana digital assistant, which has now been aligned with the version running on the desktop edition of Windows 10. 


Some important changes are also underway, especially for universal mobile apps on Windows 10. Twitter, for instance, has just deployed updates to its mobile app across desktop and mobile editions of Windows 10. Microsoft is certainly hoping that more will follow suit in creating mobile apps that can function universally across different kinds of devices, whether smartphones, tablets, or personal computers.