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Instagram Now Has Support For Multiple Accounts

Instagram Now Has Support For Multiple Accounts

Good news, indeed, for users of Instagram! The social media giant has revealed that it now has support for use of multiple accounts, especially from within the confines of its mobile app without ever needing to sign out of one’s account. This feature is now made available starting with version 7.15 of the Instagram mobile app for both the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Users can create a maximum of five extra accounts, and be able to manage all of them within a Instagram environment.


In the previous setup, Instagram users often have to keep different accounts for personal and business purposes. Such a setup caused some inconvenience especially for those with more than one account because they were forced to log out from one account whenever they have to access another. Some users have even begun employing third party Instagram apps, or even making use of multiple mobile devices in order to keep maintaining their different Instagram accounts. 


But now, Instagram has finally gotten rid of all that hassle. So how can one begin to create extra Instagram accounts? The process is actually made rather quick and easy. This is because one can set up additional accounts even from inside the mobile app itself. What users need to do is just go to their profile, and then tap on the head levitating over shoulder silhouette located on the bottom right portion of the screen. 


The next step is to tap on the gear graphic, or triple dot symbol at the top right section, and then it is just a matter of scrolling down and choosing Add Account. From here, you can proceed to entering a new username as well as password for the new additional account you want to set up. This new extra account will now be added into the mobile app.


Ready to start using your multiple accounts? Just go back to your profile, and then tap on your username located on the top left part of the screen. This will launch a menu that displays the individual accounts you have set up. You can just choose which account to use at the moment, and the Instagram mobile app will automatically switch to that account. This menu also allows you to add a new extra account anytime. It should be noted that adding new accounts will mean receiving new set of push notifications, depending of course on how you set up your notification settings.