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Dropbox’s Registered Users Now At Over 400 Million

Dropbox’s Registered Users Now At Over 400 Million

Dropbox just recently revealed that it has now gained over 400 million registered users. In May of last year, the company had announced that it had breached the 300 millionth mark. This time, it adds another milestone to its continuing growth.


400 million registered users is certainly an impressive figure, although Dropbox was rather mum on exactly how many of its users are actively using the file sharing service on a monthly basis. Still, it can not be denied that the company is indeed showing signs of consistent growth. On top of that, the Dropbox also announced that it now has over 100,000 paying business customers.


We now live in an age where advances in both Internet and mobile technology has allowed users everywhere to easily share information, no matter how big or how many the data is. Much credit goes to services such as those provided by Dropbox, who in particular has made the process of sharing files, photos, and other content simplified and convenient for most users. 


According to Dropbox, users around the world synchronize a staggering 1.2 billion files on a daily basis. For certain, that is a very large volume of information that has to be managed and kept secure. The good news is that Dropbox has been at it for years now, and it definitely has the technical expertise to handle such a big bulk of data.


As explained by Drew Houston, chief executive officer of Dropbox, in an interview with Bloomberg West, most of the company's users are not actually based in the United States. He stated that over two thirds of Dropbox's users come from outside America.


Houston added that business-wise, Dropbox is used by 8 million enterprises around the world. A year and a half ago, that number was just around 4 million. Houston further mentioned that a good majority of Fortune 500 companies are using Dropbox.


Things are certainly looking good for Dropbox right now. And it bears mentioning that the company has been busy making tweaks to its mobile app. As a matter of fact, just this week, Dropbox introduced a redesigned version of its app for the Android mobile operating system. On top of that, the company also announced a new tool that allows its users to share files even with people who do not necessarily use Dropbox, made possible through email. 


The fact that Dropbox is making changes to its current setup should be a wise move. Users nowadays are becoming increasingly mobile. By exploring ways in which it can cater to mobile users, the company is essentially putting a good foot forward in pleasing its growing user base in the years to come.