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Kindle Now Supports Messaging Apps, Web Book Previews

Kindle Now Supports Messaging Apps, Web Book Previews

Here is some good news for owners of popular e-book reader Kindle. They now have a new way of socializing with fellow Kindle users and e-book enthusiasts. That is because Kindle's sharing features now support messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and text messaging, among many others. 


In the age of social media, mobile users are now sharing stuff more than ever. Indeed, every minute people are sharing photos, links, videos, music, and locations. So for book loving people, why not share your favorite books or your favorite quotes from books too, especially with other like minded folks? 


Sharing book passages and recommending novels is nothing new. As a matter of fact, one can easily post a quotation or share a book title via Facebook or Twitter nowadays. But for those who really, really love books (like most Kindle users, probably), there is more to it than just sharing a quote or a title -- they just want to be able to share more and even participate more in the sharing.


Kindle's revamped sharing features should take care of that. Take book club groups, for example -- Kindle using members could make use of the private sharing option in order to participate in more in depth discussions about whatever book they are currently selecting, via messaging apps or through email. In addition to this, Kindle users can make their book recommendations more personal by sending messages to those friends whom they think could enjoy or relate with the book suggested. By all means, it is certainly better and may even be more effective than just blindly posting on Facebook about a book they have just read.


Also, the upgraded sharing feature allows users to share quotes from a book, highlights, and even recommendations to a select group of contacts, and is also easily available on Kindle for Android. The company has stated the support for Kindle e-readers and other devices should be available before year's end.


Apart from the expanded sharing capabilities, users who got a book recommendation or shared book quote will be able to begin reading immediately, which is similar to how links for news articles and videos work on the Internet. Whenever a person gets a shared recommendation or quote, they can enjoy free access to a preview of the book, right on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer without having to sign up, log in, or even install an app. If all of these seem unclear, you can try some examples provided by Amazon for books such as The Hobbit and Divergent.