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Did Hulu Just Turn The Apple Watch Into A Remote Control?

Did Hulu Just Turn The Apple Watch Into A Remote Control?

While many businesses are still trying to figure out how best to take advantage of the release of the Apple Watch (especially in terms of how they can come up with an app that can exploit the Apple smartwatch’s capabilities), Hulu has found its answer, and it is quite interesting to say the least. It appears that the video on demand service provider is turning Apple’s first ever attempt at wearable devices into a remote control, and one that allows users to control video playback across several streaming media players, the Apple TV included. 


With Hulu’s new Apple Watch app, users can play, pause, and rewind (by 10 seconds) shows by simply tapping on their wrist, as well as toggle captions on and off. To date, Hulu’s app works with devices such as the Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and the PS3 and PS4. When using the app with Apple TV, people will first need to launch a Hulu stream on their iPhone, and then proceed to using the Hulu Apple Watch app as a remote control. As for other devices, the Hulu app will connect to devices that are already streaming Hulu content.


When you really think about it, using the Apple Watch as a remote control actually sounds like a good idea. After all, Apple already put built in apps in its wearable device that allows users to control music -- so why not for video content, too? And what better way to control a show you are watching than through a device that is already comfortably strapped to your wrist (at least with the Apple Watch, you will not have to look under the couch anymore).


But wait -- do Hulu viewers actually want a remote control on their wrists? Nobody knows for sure, at least for now. What we do know is that more and more businesses are willing to explore more ways in which they can take advantage of the Apple Watch’s potential uses. 


Even Hulu admits that its new app is still very experimental. As noted in its company blog post, its new app for the Apple Watch represents a very significant sign that the company understands that there is potential for business not only in the Apple Watch but also in all wearable devices in general. 


As for Apple, it can pat itself in the back. The fact that other companies are trying to figure how to exploit its smartwatch should be a clear indication that people really do care about the Apple Watch. And the more other parties explore its smartwatch’s capabilities, the better it is for Apple’s wearable business.