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Here Comes The Best Song: The Little Music Discovery App That Could

Here Comes The Best Song: The Little Music Discovery App That Could

Like so many others, you probably listen to the same Andrew McMahon song all over and over again on the music streaming service of your choice. But inevitably, you are going to want to stumble into something new -- perhaps another new cool song that will become your preferred earworm for the next two weeks, or at least until another earworm comes along.


The Best Song mobile app can help you find that next earworm. The Best Song app works on both the Android and iOS mobile operating systems, and is basically a tool that allows you to discover new songs, and then add them to your existing  Spotify or Deezer music library. The app combines free music samples and loads of playlists with Tinder like functionalities, in order to let you discover new songs faster and easier.


Upon launching The Best Song app, you will be immediately given three options: select a top playlist, a combination of music genres, or a one tap Music Maestro button. Then you will be treated to a sample (30 seconds long only) of the first song of your current playlist, with a like or dislike button conveniently shown. And similar to what you do on Tinder, you need only swipe to the left or swipe to the right. Plus, you are given the ability to share the current song with any of your friends.


If you find a song that you like, that tune will be added to your current personal playlist. Apart from allowing you to export this playlist to other music streaming services, you can also add friends to The Best Song, and in turn, you can also grab your friends’ favorite songs and add them to your playlist.


What makes The Best Song so interesting is that it speeds up the music discovery process. Sure, there is nothing wrong with exploring and listening to new songs you have discovered on Spotify’s or Beats 1’s official playlists and then adding them to your collection. But that often takes some time, especially when you can not help but listen to the entirety of a tune you have just stumbled upon. But with The Best Song, you can just listen for no more than half a minute each time and then move on the next song. Also, the fact that The Best Song uses 30 second samples makes it virtually royalty free.


The Best Song is still very new, and it may take some time before it can fully gain traction among music loving mobile users. But so far, the app has already attracted 20,000 monthly active users doing 800,000 swipes. Check out The Best Song app now at Google Play or at iTunes.