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T-Mobile Improves Rate Plans

T-Mobile has launched a number of improvements to its single and family calling plans, including its very popular myFaves plans. Already offering an attractive number of minutes at each price point (vs. its national competitors AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon), these changes further separate it from the pack.

  1. Free mobile-to-mobile added on all plans $49.99 and above, including myFaves plans.
  2. Introduction of Individual Plus plan which offers 1,000 minutes plus nights and weekends.  This plan sits nicely between the $39.99 1000 minute plan (no nights & weekends) and the $59.99 plan which offers 1,500 minutes with nights and weekends.
  3. 500 minutes added to the family plans (myFave and regular) with 2,000 and 3,000 minutes (now 2,500 and 3,500).  For the two myFave family plans, the monthly fee was reduced by $10.
  4. Creation of a promotional myFaves family plan -- $89.99 for 1,800 minutes, a large improvement over the normal 1,000 minutes offered at this price point.

MyRatePlan Analysis: These are nice improvements for consumers.  T-Mobile was the last holdout on mobile-mobile among the major carriers.  Adding this feature slightly may reduce the value of myFaves for some of its customers, perhaps enough for them to switch over to a regular plan that offers more minutes for the same price.  However, the impact will be somewhat minimized as T-Mobile is only offering the feature on plans of $49.99 and above.

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