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Sprint Adds Free Calling to Any Mobile Phone

Correction added 9/11: This offer is a bit better than we originally thought. Despite specifically indicating in the press release that this new service applies to calls “from the Sprint network”, it actually applies to both inbound and outbound calls between two wireless phones.

Sprint announced today a new feature called “Any Mobile, Anytime” that builds on the concept of free mobile-to-mobile calling by offering free calls to any wireless phone on any U.S. carrier.    The new feature will be available to new and existing subscribers of Sprint’s Everything Data plans, which start at $69.99 for one line and $129.99 for a family plan.

MyRatePlan Analysis: This move is a bit of a yawner. Sprint is obviously hoping this feature will encourage more people to move to the higher revenue data plans.  They are promoting the feature as a way to break free of restrictive calling circles (where a subscriber can call a set number of ‘favorites’ free of charge, whether wireless or not).   We’re not sure the comparison is relevant, since Sprint is pre-determining what the calling circle is (all wireless phones) and it only includes outbound calls.    Granted 250 million cell phones is a big calling circle, but since most people probably don’t know if numbers they are calling are wireless or not, it is going to be tough for customers to translate this feature into anything actionable in terms of saving money.  We think it will make it more confusing for prospective customers to choose the right Sprint plan for their needs.

Bigger picture, however, this is one step closer to the day where all cell phone plans have unlimited minutes.