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Cable-Free HBO to Debut in April

Cable-Free HBO to Debut in April

HBO is known for its television shows such as True Detective, Game of Thrones, and Veep. However, the price of a monthly subscription to HBO can be costly. HBO has now agreed to offer a cable-free online streaming service that is only $15 dollars per month, which is scheduled to start in April.


This is perfect timing for those who anticipate watching Game of Thrones, which is scheduled to premiere on April 12. With HBO Now, customers can stream their favorite TV shows and even watch televisions shows that no longer air, such as Band of Brothers. Subscribers will also have access to an array of movies, documentaries, and comedy shows. However, HBO Now will not offer anything live such as sporting events. HBO Now is solely an on-demand service. At the release of the service, there will be over 2000 episodes available for viewers to enjoy. So get your popcorn, HBO Now is coming soon. 


Is HBO Now like HBO Go?


This is exciting news for those who want to watch movies and HBO television shows. HBO currently offers a service called HBO Go, but in order to obtain this service customers must have a TV package through a cable provider. The difference between HBO Now and HBO Go is that HBO Now subscribers will only have to pay $15 per month, which is much cheaper than HBO Go. 


Benefits of the New Service


HBO offering this service, which is available on numerous platforms such as Apple TV, is the first time a major television channel has broken free from the chains of cable companies. Although HBO Now offers a service that is more expensive than Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, it is still less costly than paying a cable provider to have access to HBO. HBO also offers an array of television shows that are exclusive to the channel. According to Richard Plepler, who is the CEO of HBO, “All you need to get HBO Now is a broadband connection and an Apple device.” 


How to Sign Up for HBO Now


In order to sign up for the service, a customer will have to download HBO Now on his or her Apple device through an Apple account. Apple accounts require a credit card or debit card be on file for all downloads that cost money, so if a customer is planning to sign up then he or she should have a valid credit or debit card on his or her Apple account. Potential customers will not be able to sign up for the service on the home page of HBO Now because the service is not “direct-to-consumer” such as Netflix. HBO does not have plans to offer a subscription that is available directly to the customer. 


HBO Now offers a Bonus for Signing Up


If a customer signs up for HBO Now through an Apple supported device, then he or she will receive a free month for the new service. This is a great incentive for new subscribers, and subscribers will not have to concern themselves with long-term contract agreements. 


Watch HBO Now Anywhere


With this new service, subscribers are able to watch their favorite television shows and movies anywhere. HBO Now can be downloaded from an Apple Mac, iPhone, or iPad. It is convenient and easy to download HBO Now, and afterward subscribers can watch their favorite shows on a lunch break, waiting for an appointment, or even waiting in long lines. 


When Will HBO Now be Available on Other Platforms?


HBO Now is only offering subscriptions for Apple products, which can be disappointing for those who do not have Apple products. However, HBO is working with other platforms to offer this service. The exclusive deal with Apple is only expected to last three months, according to HBO’s CEO. If a consumer signs up for HBO Now through his or her Apple account, then they can still gain access to the service through a browser and Hopefully if you do not have an Apple product, then you will not have to wait very long for HBO Now to become available on other platforms. The CEO of HBO stated HBO Now will eventually be available on devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast.