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Verizon will now include monthly hotspot data allotment on its plans


For this year, Verizon expressed its plans to expand its 5G network. The company talked about those plans in an earlier live event on YouTube where they also hinted at updating their 5G plans.

Unfortunately, Verizon did not talk about how its high-speed mobile hotspot allotment will be affected by these plans.

The company recently talked to PCMag and shared that they will be applying a monthly hotspot data allowance on its plans. Before, Big Red offered unlimited high-speed hotspot on its mmWave 5G plans. Its nationwide 5G and 4G plans, however, came with limited high-speed mobile hotspot allotment.

Once the new change takes place, customers will only have a monthly high-speed hotspot allotment of 50GB. Both new and existing customers will be affected by this change.  

The good news is, Verizon plans to expand its dedicated wireless home internet service as part of its C-Band launch. So if you’ve been using your mobile hotspot to access the internet, you can wait for this launch. It will have no data caps. 


Source: Wirefly