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Instagram Has New Post Notifications For Specific Accounts, Color And Fade Tools

Instagram Has New Post Notifications For Specific Accounts, Color And Fade Tools

Instagram has added two new photo editing tools to its mobile app for Android, and soon on the iOS platform: Color and Fade tools. The Color tool allows users to adjust the tone of both the highlights and shadows of the images they took, thereby enabling them to infuse a different cast of light to achieve that moody, atmospheric effect. The Fade tool, on the other hand, allows users to wash out colors entirely, letting them produce a more muted effect (in various intensity levels) akin to low-fi prints.


These new updates are similar to the detail-specific adjustments that Instagram started to make available a year ago for users of its app above and beyond its set filters. Last year's updates provided more granular qualities especially for users who wanted more variety in tweaking their images. Of course, off the shelf filters are still present, providing a shortcut for users in producing more visually compelling images. But the Color and Fade tools should join controls such as perspective adjust, Lux, shadow,exposure, highlight, and tilt shift in giving users more options in expressing their creativity through their pictures. Moreover, the new tools give Instagram an opportunity to keep its app interesting to users, and at the same time, introduce them to basic photo editing tools.


Instagram is also incorporating Post Notifications to its mobile app. This allows users to get push notifications whenever the Instagram accounts they follow post new updates. This should be welcome news especially for users who like to stay updated with their favorite Instagram accounts. Sometimes it does get confusing when one is following a lot of Instagram accounts. 


The new Post Notifications feature is also a great feature for the upcoming Apple Watch app. Just imagine this scenario -- whenever a family member or a friend of yours posts a new photo on Instagram, you instantly receive a notification via the Apple Watch you are wearing on your wrist. You can watch out for updates from your favorite Instagram accounts without having to take out your smartphone out of your pocket.


Almost three years ago, Facebook had acquired Instagram for a considerable fee. While some users at that time were worried that Facebook will turn Instagram into an overused social media machine, they can rest assured now. The latest updates on the Instagram app definitely proves that the team behind this photo sharing network is continuing to make Instagram even more interesting while staying true to its identity.