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Buy The Apple TV From Target And Get A $10 Gift Card

Buy The Apple TV From Target And Get A $10 Gift Card

Apparently, Apple TV is not dead. Recently, Apple slashed Apple TV's price to just $69, and then inked an exclusive deal with HBO Now, and even begun putting new channels. It does appear that the tech giant is definitely trying to offer prospective buyers more reasons to buy its set-top box.


Well, there is another reason, but it is one that is offered by Target. The retailing giant is giving away a $10 Target gift card for every customer who buys an Apple TV from its stores. 


Owning an Apple TV certainly has it advantages especially for anyone who already owns an iDevice, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The Apple TV provides a means for people to stream iTunes content. Not only that, users may find the screen-mirroring capabilities of the set-top box really useful, especially when playing small screen games on your large screened TV.


Another advantage of having an Apple TV is that it can stream almost all major services, except maybe for Amazon, which should not be a surprise because Amazon also offers its own Amazon Fire TV Stick. 


Moreover, for the first three months of HBO Now's launch, Apple TV will be the only set-top box of its kind that exclusively shows HBO Now content. Other streaming platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Roku, will not be able to offer HBO Now content until the three months have passed.


For customers to sign up for HBO Now, they will need to download it on their Apple device via their Apple account. Such accounts normally require a credit card or debit card to be on file for all paid downloads, which means that if customers want to sign up, they should produce a valid credit card or debit card on their Apple account. 


Apart from scoring the exclusive HBO Now gig, Apple is also reportedly readying to announce a new Apple TV device later this year. The tech giant is said to unveil the latest version of its set-top box at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held during the summer. 


On top of that, Apple may also be introducing a software development kit that will allow developers to create apps that will work with the Apple TV. The current Apple TV already has pre-installed apps, but the apps created by third party developers will be delivered to the device through the App Store (similar to how apps are delivered to the iPhone or iPad via the App Store).