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Apple launches new Families page

Apple launches new Families page

The latest move from Apple should show that it is really serious with its intentions of helping protect kids against too much mobile device use. Just this week, the tech giant recently rolled out a new section on its official website, and it is called Families. True to its name, the Families page offers all sorts of information about parental controls, do not disturb, and a range of other tools that should allow moms and dads to better track the iPhone or iPad usage of their children.

It bears mentioning that the features found on the Families page are not actually new -- most of them have existed before, but some are buried beneath menus for settings in various iOS powered mobile devices. Still, it is a good thing that the iPhone maker has made a conscious effort to compile all of its parental control related features in one very accessible place, its official home in the world wide web.

Some may remember that more than a couple of months ago, Apple had received an open letter from two of its shareholders -- Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System -- urging the second biggest phone maker in the world to do its best in helping address the issue of mobile device addiction, especially among young kids. 

The two shareholders have plenty of reason to be concerned. After all, according to a 2016 report released by social agency Influence Central, the average age of kids to get a handset was 10.3 years old, and because of the massive popularity of Apple’s brand, its smartphone devices rank among the most requested by children and adolescents. Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System also expressed their concerns about the potential mental health issues that may arise as a result of too much iPhone use.

To Apple’s credit, it had quickly responded to the open letter from the two shareholders. The mobile manufacturer stated that it was developing new parental controls that should be integrated into its iPhones soon. The company also renewed its commitment to help protect every member of its extensive customer base, including of course, kids.

Apple is also expected to share more updates about the topic at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this year, which is scheduled to happen on June 4th of this year in the city of San Jose in California.

Meanwhile, for parents out there, they better check out the Families page for themselves.