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T-Mobile’s Free Pizza Special Offer Is Back

T-Mobile’s Free Pizza Special Offer Is Back


The third biggest wireless carrier in America has finally decided to resurrect the free pizza promotional deal it first introduced back in June of last year. While 2016’s special offer involved Domino’s as the supplier of pizza pies, 2017 now sees Papa John’s serve up the pizza for hungry T-Mobile subscribers.

So what is the low down on this latest version of T-Mobile’s pizza promo? Beginning on February 14th (Valentine’s Day), on a Tuesday over the course of the next four weeks, subscribers of the major US wireless carrier will able to claim their large or pan single topping pizza, free of charge, by logging into the official T-Mobile app every week (on every line of service of their accounts). They can also make full use of the same app in determining whether free pizza is made available for picking up from Papa John’s. Interested and ravenous parties should remember though that they have a week’s time to order via online means, and then of course claim their free pizza.

On top of all that delicious free pizza, T-Mobile has also announced that on Tuesdays for those same four weeks, subscribers of the wireless carrier will also get to enjoy a 25 percent discount on any regular menu item ordered from Papa John’s, that is, as long as they were ordered through online means.

In the summer of last year, T-Mobile had launched a mobile app called T-Mobile Tuesdays as part of its Uncarrier 11 campaign. Among the freebies promised to the carrier’s subscribers (especially those who used the app) was free pizza, specifically a medium size Domino’s pizza with a couple of toppings. 

But later on, the mobile operator was compelled to discontinue the free pizza deal, citing the overwhelming demand from super hungry mobile users. Everything is always clearer on hindsight, and looking back now, T-Mobile had obviously underestimated the number of customers going teenage mutant ninja turtle over free pizza. 

It certainly did not help that at that time, Domino’s branches had a limit of only a hundred free pizzas. For sure, that just would not do in pleasing more than two million T-Mobile customers that had downloaded the T-Mobile Tuesdays app at that time. Also, because of reports of the app crashing (not helped by the sheer volume of subscribers trying to redeem freebies), the wireless carrier had no choice but to end the pizza deal. But now that it is back, T-Mobile subscribers now have another chance at satisfying their appetites, albeit courtesy of another pizza brand.

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