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Apple Watch To Be Sold Online Only During Initial Release

Apple Watch To Be Sold Online Only During Initial Release

Buyers of Apple products are used to long queues (they seem to not mind standing for hours whenever a new iPhone is released). But this time around, they may need to line up anew, but only virtually. 


Apple recently announced that it will be selling the first batch of its first ever wearable device, the Apple Watch, only through the Apple store website or via the Apple Store app for iOS devices. Angela Ahrendts, head of retail at Apple, confirmed this through a statement, explaining that the company will be taking orders for the wearable device exclusively online for the initial period of release.


In previous setups, Apple normally made use of its retail stores to accept preorders for Apple devices before their official date of release, and then let the buyers get the devices they ordered at Apple's physical outlets, without any need for reservations beforehand. As a result, this often leads to long lines of buyers outside Apple stores. Apple is making an effort to prevent that from happening, at least according to a leaked memo that surface early this week that had Ahrendts encourage the company's employees at retail stores to encourage to purchase the Apple Watch online instead of buying them directly from Apple's physical stores.


No doubt many interested buyers of the Apple Watch would be asking: for how long will Apple sell the wearable device exclusively online? Apple has not shared any information yet on exactly how long the initial launch period is. It is likely that the company wants to play it by ear. Or perhaps, they just want to get rid of long queues once and for all.


Purchasing a device online does have its advantages. First of all, you won't have to stand for long hours lining up. And more importantly, you are guaranteed to get the device you ordered. In previous years, many an Apple fan had to line up, only to be disappointed to find out that there was not enough stocks to accommodate them. 


Also, by encouraging people to purchase online, Apple can minimize crowding in its stores. Having lots of visitors at your outlets is good and all, but sometimes too much can be a lot to handle. Apple can expect lots of people to visit its stores -- after all, Apple is allowing interested buyers of the Apple Watch to try on the entry level Apple Watch Sport and the midrange Apple Watch for a maximum of 15 minutes (customers can try on the luxury Apple Watch Edition, but they have to set an appointment).