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Take Advantage of Lower AT&T and Verizon Pricing

AT&T and Verizon have lowered their unlimited pricing to $69.99/month, $89.99 for unlimited voice & text, $99.99 for unlimited voice, text and data.   Similar decreases are also in effect on the family plan side, where two unlimited lines are $119.99 vs. the previous $199.99.   This is a decrease of about 30% for a single line, 40% for a family plan. Verizon also reduced its 2,100 minute plan to 2,000 minutes, and cut the price by $10.  The carriers are allowing customers to change to these rate plans with no penalty or contract extension.

  • If your rate plan is more than the above amounts, contact the carrier directly to switch, subject to the exceptions in the list below.   For customers who have gotten a rate plan in the last couple years, most people on a 1,350 minute or unlimited single line plan will benefit, as will most on a family plan higher than 2,100 minutes.  Verizon customers on a 2,100 minute plan who don’t use more than 2,000 minutes can save $10 a month by switching to the 2,000 minute family plan.
  1. If your carrier is AT&T and your phone is a ‘quick messaging’ device (basically a non-smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard) and you do not currently have text and/or data bundle, AT&T may make you add some combination of these these that totals $20 or more per month ($30 for a family plan).   That would reduce or eliminate your savings.
  2. If your carrier is Verizon and your phone is a 3G multimedia device (currrently LG enV Touch, Samsung Rogue, LG Chocolate Touch, LG enV3, LG VX8360, Motorola Entice, Nokia Twist, Samsung Alias 2), and you do not currently have a data plan, Verizon may make you add a $9.99 data plan (for each of these phones on the plan).  That would reduce or eliminate your savings.
  3. If you are in the final two months of your contract or your contract is over, MyRatePlan can help you get a substantially discounted phone if you renew your contract online.    This is regardless of the rate plan you are currently on, but is subject to the requirements above.  AT&T offers ||  Verizon offers