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AT&T Lowers GoPhone Prepaid Plan Price, Increases Data Limits, and Adds LTE Data

Today AT&T announced that it has reworked its GoPhone prepaid plans in order to remain competitive with the ever-more-popular prepaid cell phone plan business.

The company now offers a GoPhone $60 Smartphone Plan with 2GB of Data (previously $65 with 1GB of data). The plan also offers unlimited voice and messaging, and extra data for $10 per GB. In addition, AT&T announced a $40 per month plan that offers 500 voice minutes, unlimited messaging, and 200MB of data.

Perhaps the biggest announcement of the day, however, was that AT&T would be adding LTE data connectivity to its GoPhone prepaid plans which were previously 3G only. AT&T is also still working on expanding its new prepaid brand, Aio Wireless.

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