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Apple Watch Posts Lower Worldwide Shipments, But Still Leads Smartwatch Market

According to the newest report from IDC, Apple’s one and only wearable device (so far) may have registered significantly decreasing shipments worldwide for the second quarter of this year, but it still managed to remain the undisputed leader in the global smartwatch market. Indeed, Apple Watch shipments slid to 1.6 million units during the most recent quarter of 2016, dropping from 3.6 million units during the period one year ago.

Apple Launches iTunes Match To All Apple Music Subscribers

Over the past twelve months or so, customers have been complaining that Apple Music, the music streaming subscription service from Apple, was not properly matching music tracks that subscribers had in their current iTunes libraries. Well, Apple has worked out a solution, and it comes in the form of iTunes Match.


Apple's Health App Now Lets You Register As An Organ Donor

In an effort to try and help more people, Apple has updated its Health app to include a simpler process for organ donation. As announced by the company on Tuesday, the Health app will make it easy for its users to sign up to be an organ donor. The app currently has a Medical ID feature that keeps track of a user's health and medical information. With the update, this feature will be able to include whether or not the individual is a donor of his eyes, tissues, and other organs.

72 New Emoji Coming To Apple Devices Via iOS 10

A total of 72 new emoji are on their way to Apple’s smartphones and tablet devices very soon, likely coming with the roll out of iOS 10, the newest version of the company’s iOS mobile operating system.

A Brief Summary Of What Transpired At Apple’s 2016 WWDC

This year marks the 27th celebration of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and like what the tech giant has been doing for more than two decades now, it showcases the latest and coolest updates in the world of software for Mac and iOS users. This year’s WWDC has proven to be a rather busy affair -- here is the rundown.


Latest iOS Update Causes Error That Locks Up 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Devices

Here we go again. Right after Apple has deployed an update to its iOS mobile operating system, the Internet has exploded with yet another round of feedback from users complaining of new bugs found in the rollout. This time around, the affected device is the tech giant’s latest tablet offering -- the 9.7 inch iPad Pro


First Quarter Shipments Of Wearable Devices Surge 67 Percent Compared To Last Year

Based on the latest quarterly report published by market research firm IDC, the total volume of wearable device shipments increased to 19.7 million units during the first quarter of this year. This year’s numbers are a major improvement over last year’s, wherein 11.8 million units of wearable devices were shipped during the first three months of 2015.


FBI Director: Fight To Access Encrypted Handsets Will Continue

Apple’s feud with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may be over, but according to the agency’s director James Comey, there will be more battles to come over the subject of mobile device encryption. Speaking during a briefing held just this week, the FBI chief shares his insights on the topic, and has stated that he fully expects other legal actions from the United States government in the future in order to gain access to smartphones and tablet devices that are encrypted.


FCC, FTC To Phone Makers And Wireless Carriers: Deploy Fixes Faster

Regulating bodies in the United States now want to gather more information about how phone makers and wireless carriers go about dealing with security issues in mobile devices. At the same time, the feds want to know why fixes for bugs and vulnerabilities take too darned long be deployed. Indeed, both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have sent letters of inquiries to more than a dozen firms, collecting data about how mobile manufacturers and network operators handle security updates.


Changes Coming To Apple Music Soon

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Apple has plans of making some changes to Apple Music, the music streaming subscription service that the tech giant launched back in June of last year.