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Apple Looking To Turn HealthKit App Bundle Into Diagnostic Tool, And Not Just For Tracking

Apple apparently has plans to transform its HealthKit app bundle into something more than just a tracking tool, but into a complete diagnostic tool that collates fitness and health related information that can be used to provide medical advice. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone maker has been busy assembling a team consisting of health care experts over the last few years.

No New Studio Wireless Headphones From Beats This Year

Together with the launch of Apple’s newest iPhone models (the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus), Beats (which is owned by Apple) has unveiled four new headphone offerings -- the Solo3 Wireless (an update to its best selling on-ear model), the Powerbeats3 Wireless (an upgraded version of its sports headphones

Next Year’s iPhone: What To Expect

For some mobile users, Apple’s latest iPhone models -- the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus -- did not really offer much in terms of new features and functionalities. But upon closer inspection, and it certainly helps to look at the bigger picture, there may be more to this year’s iPhone offerings, especially in relation to our expectations for next year’s models.


A Trio Of News Groups Sue The FBI To Uncover Truth Behind iPhone Hacking

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is facing a lawsuit filed against it by three news organizations. Indeed, Vice, the Associated Press and Gannett (parent company of USA Today) are all suing the agency because they want to learn how exactly the government was able to successfully hack into a particular iPhone unit used by one of the suspects involved in the San Bernardino shootings that happened in December of last year. 


So What’s New With watchOS 3?

Software wise, this week was a busy one for Apple. Just a few days ago, the tech giant officially started its global roll out of the finished version of iOS 10, the newest iteration of its iOS mobile operating system. Apart from that, the iPhone maker also took the opportunity to release the latest version of its operating system for wearable devices -- watchOS 3.

iOS 10: What Features And Enhancements To Check Out

Yup, recently this week Apple officially launched the final version of iOS 10, the latest iteration of the iPhone maker’s mobile operating system. The company is deploying iOS via over the air updates via the Settings app, and also through a wired update wherein owners of iPhone and iPad devices just plug their handsets into iTunes and download the updated version.

Instagram To Develop Zoom, Filter, And GIF Features For iPhone 7’s Camera

The official introduction of Apple’s newest iPhone offerings, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, is sure to cause some ripples, or maybe it already has.

Here Comes The iPhone 7 And The iPhone 7 Plus

It is official -- Apple has formally introduced its latest iPhone offerings, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Before we go discuss the features and functionalities, know that both devices are coming to store shelves everywhere on September 16th of this year. With regards to pricing, the iPhone 7 starts at $649, while the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769. 


Apple Music Now Available For Android Mobile Users

Since November of last year, a test version of Apple Music for the Android mobile operating system had been made available. But it appears that Apple is now ready to roll out its music streaming subscription service to Android mobile users around the world, with the arrival of the Apple Music app for Android in the Google Play store this week.


Apple’s Latest iOS 10 Beta Comes With 100 New Emoji

Apple has recently launched the fourth beta of iOS 10, the upcoming newest version of its iOS mobile operating system. In releasing this beta, the iPhone maker took the opportunity to include a hundred new emoji. For those who want a sneak preview, they can head to Apple’s official website and see for themselves.