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Christine Torralba's blog

AT&T launching Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on June 17

AT&T will soon be offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone but there’s a catch. Upon launch, only business customers and developers can get their hands on the AT&T powered Galaxy S10 5G smartphone.

Sprint’s 5G service now in four cities

Sprint is the latest US carrier to launch its 5G service in the country. The carrier joins the likes of Verizon and AT&T, who have launched their own networks this year.

China Mobile does not stand well with the FCC’s decision

Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, has long expressed his plans to reject China Mobile’s attempt to be a U.S. telecom provider. Acting on that promise, the agency has made a unanimous decision to deny the eight year old bid. The FCC’s reaction to the application was acted upon its concerns over national security. The agency even noted that the carrier did not express how its application was in public interest. Officials from the firm also expressed concern on the Chinese government’s control of the company.

T-Mobile offering 3rd line for free to new and current subscribers


T-Mobile is running a promotion that’s great for those who plan to get a family or group plan.

Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled that it will be giving a free third line to both new and existing customers. This promotion is called “2019 Sprint Into Summer 3rd Line on Us” and is currently available in all T-Mobile retail locations and on their website.

Verizon’s new Just Kids plan is made for kids


Parents have a reason to celebrate today with Verizon’s latest news.

Earlier today, Big Red announced that they will be offering a new smartphone plan designed specifically for kids. According to the announcement, the plan will be available later in the week.

Verizon Wireless text outage affected “a ton of customers”

Verizon Wireless customers based in the east coast area were subject to some issues this morning. According to reports, these users encountered issues in sending and receiving text messages.

What to Expect from Samsung Unpacked 2015

Over the last few weeks, details of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 model have been leaked to the public. Based on the leaked information, the new S6 model is believed to feature minimal bloatware, a metallic/glass chassis, and even a Sony IMX240 camera sensor. There are even some that believe a curved-screen variant, called the Galaxy S6 Edge, will be released.