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Landline is Finished -- My Switch to VoIP

Although MyRatePlan covers services like wireless that use the latest technology, I am not the earliest adaptor of some of these things. I just got an iPod a few weeks ago -- making me possibly one of the last people to have one of these.

Then, there's VoIP. Although we have developed some great content in this area, I didn't make the switch myself until a few weeks ago, when I signed up for Vonage. I was a bit skeptical about the voice quality and how easy it would be to hook up.

I'm not easily surprised, but I was shocked both by how easy this was to set up, and how good the quality is. Literally, all I had to do was move my cable modem from the back of my PC to a router (which they send with your order), and then take the phone cord out of the jack and put it in the router. Then, I took the router cable and put in the back of my PC (in the same connection where the cable modem was).

I picked up the phone, and I had a dial tone. I made calls, and had better clarity than my prior landline phone service. Best of all, I'm paying about $17 a month (500 minute plan) instead of $50 a month.. for a savings of $400 a year.

Note that as I write this, both Vonage and Lingo are offering the first month free with new service.