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A Caution about T-Mobile myFaves

Earlier this fall, T-Mobile introduced a series of myFaves rate plans, providing unlimited calling to any 5 numbers that the subscriber selects. These numbers need not be T-Mobile subscribers, nor do they have to be cell phone numbers.

Sounds good right?

For those that call a few people frequently, these plans may save money. However, for most, we would recommend sticking with one of the traditional T-Mobile plans (those without myFaves in the name). Two reasons:

  1. Fewer minutes for the same price. myFaves plans are $10 more than traditional plans for the same number of minutes. For example $49.99 for 600 minutes with myFaves vs. $39.99 for 600 minutes without. There is a $39.99 myFaves plan with 300 minutes, so it is possible to spend the same amount. Just keep in mind that if you actually end up needing 600 minutes, your bill will be $159.99.
  1. Traditional T-Mobile family plans have free mobile-to-mobile calling, myFaves family plans don't. That means if you want to talk to family members for free, each of you will have to use up one or more of your 5 myFave slots to include that family member. This makes the myFaves family plans particularly unattractive.

The good news is that T-Mobile remains the carrier with some of the best rate plan values out there, along with some of the coolest new phones. They are a good choice for many, just make sure you understand what you are getting in your rate plan.

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