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Search Phones by Color

The MyRatePlan interactive PhoneFinder, already the best (okay, we're biased) tool of its kind available has been enhanced further with the addition of a filter for colors. Now, in addition to finding those phones that have the exact price and features you want, you can also see if one exists in red, blue, pink or about 10 other colors.

A little background on why we made this enhancement: While not as high tech as many new features being added, phone manufacturers have increasingly used color over the past year or two to extend the shelf life and broaden the popularity of their popular cell phone models. As with many trends in recent years, this one probably really got going with the RAZR being made available in one or more new colors seemingly every few months. From the consumer perspective, with cell phones in tow everywhere we go, it makes sense that many of us see them as a fashion statement, and manufacturers are accommodating that by offering models in numerous different colors, with ever-more creative names coming from further and further back in the crayon box.