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AT&T launches new Unlimited Your Way program


Early this week, AT&T announced its newest program that lets customers save money under an unlimited plan. The new program, called Unlimited Your Way, lets customers mix and match their chosen unlimited plan. 

What this does is that it allows you to customize the plans under each number in your account. You can choose from the three available plan options:

  • Unlimited Starter - comes with SD video streaming

  • Unlimited Extra - comes with 15GB mobile hotspot usage per line, SD streaming, and 50GB premium data

  • Unlimited Elite - comes with 30GB mobile hotspot usage per line, 100GB of premium data, HD video streaming, and HBO Max

These plans include unlimited talk, text, and data in the US, Canada, and Mexico. AT&T has also included unlimited text from the US to more than 120 countries and 5G access with a capable device.

Since you can mix and match plans, each individual in the plan gets the features they need the most. To learn more about the program, visit AT&T’s website.