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Helping you Save: Internet Access


  1. If you are using cable modem, consider DSL or even dial-up
  2. Find free Wi-Fi

Annual Savings Potential: $240 (cable to DSL), more for dial-up or Wi-Fi

Discussion   Unlike most cable service, most phone companies price DSL based on speed.   If you are using the Internet primarily for things like email or reading web pages (as opposed to downloading large files), a lower-speed DSL (still about 10x or more dial-up) can be had for $20 or month in some areas, about 1/2 the price of cable modem service.   If your needs are even less, most dial-up is now less than $10/month.   After almost completely disappearing, we’re seeing more interest in dial-up in recent months.   Want to spend even less — like $0?   Many coffee shops and the like offer free Wi-Fi (although you might need to make a purchase), as do many public libraries.  If you completely give up your Internet service, you’ll probably want to have a free web-based email (e.g., gmail or hotmail) if you don’t already have one.