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Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) uses traditional landline phone system infrastructure to deliver high speed Internet access. The portion of your wires that is used for the DSL is independent from the voice part, allowing you to remain online continuously, even while on the phone. DSL providers tend to segment their pricing by speed, including very attractive pricing for lower speeds.Therefore, generally speaking, if both DSL and cable service are available to you, DSL may be much more economical if your Internet needs aren’t that intensive.

DSL is not available everywhere. You'll need to be within about 3.5 miles of a phone company "central office" or "switch". To see if DSL is available at your specific address, select one of the providers shown on this page. For other types of Internet access or to review bundled offers, click the appropriate button.

Internet Access Types

DSL is just one of several options for a high speed (or broadband) Internet connection. Click the button below to compare DSL to cable, cellular, and more.



You can bundle high speed Internet service with other communications services such as home phone and television. Working with a single phone or cable company can reduce and simplify your monthly bills. Click the button below to see and compare bundle offers.


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