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Hulu Partners with Turner Broadcast

Hulu Partners with Turner Broadcast

The battle for streaming television services is heating up. The old standard of television on a time schedule has elapsed. There are a few services out now that have people flocking to them in record numbers. Among them are Hulu, Amazon Web, and Netflix, as well as other services such as cable on demand services that can record shows for viewers while they are away or do not have the time to watch shows on a fixed schedule. Hulu has had an ongoing battle in market share with other streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix. Hulu has now announced a joint venture with a major player in television, Turner Broadcasting. This is a major win for Hulu, as Turner produces major cable networks such as TNT, TBS, and Cartoon Network. In fact, Cartoon Network shows are due to be streamed without advertisement on the new Hulu Kids streaming platform.


These channels show exclusive content, such as “Robot Chicken”, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, and other Cartoon Network shows that generally air on “Adult Swim”, which is aired late at night for younger demographics. Hulu may also be able to stream content such as TBS’ Conan show or TNT’s “The Last Ship” and “Murder in the First”. These are viable shows that have a strong following. Hulu can also stream past seasons of such shows on demand from many seasons back.


This kind of content is nearly unprecedented, as Netflix has been the premier company to be able to stream exclusive content to viewers. David Levy, president of Turner Broadcasting said that, “This is a great opportunity to grow the reach of the networks’ original programming and complements our strategy of utilizing multiple platforms – including SVOD – to drive sampling, introduce new viewers to our content and give current fans the opportunity to explore and enjoy Turner’s new and existing series in a branded environment.” That is a strong statement by a president of a major networking dynasty, and it is indicative of a strong leader to be competitive in the streaming, on-demand market that today’s television consumers want.


The deal is expected to happen very soon, and it will concur with some new series as well such as an updated series of the 1990s favorite “Full House,” among others. Netflix and Amazon are making new content as well, with Netflix having several household hits such as “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” leading in viewership. HBO also has a strong showing with its original content such as “Game of Thrones,” “Veep,” and “Silicon Valley” leading in ratings recently, with its HBO GO platform.



These types of streaming television shows will continue to grow and may eventually take over cable as the number one way that people consume media. Look to YouTube or other online content as a good example. These types of streams can go viral in a matter of hours or days in today’s digital- and media-hungry world. The standard times that television shows air cannot keep up, especially if one looks at the world market. Times that live shows are aired are often not aired during waking hours of the European Union, for example. These kinds of things can be a decline in the older model of how television is broadcast. The fact that Netflix’s and Amazon’s stock just went up tremendously this quarter proves that on-demand content is the way of the future, and people will look at it as alternatives to basic cable and over-the-air programming that need to be seen at specific times. Ted Turner, as a premier media executive, and owner of Turner Broadcasting, knows that this is the way forward. He knows media as well as, or probably better tha