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Google Play Downloads Reached More Than 19 Billion During Fourth Quarter of 2017

Google Play Downloads Reached More Than 19 Billion During Fourth Quarter of 2017

During the final three months of last year, Google Play managed to achieve its best ever quarter, in terms of the volume of mobile app downloads. As indicated in App Annie’s recently released report, Google’s online store for apps registered downloads of more than 19 billion in Q4 2017. By posting 19 billion plus downloads during this quarter, Google Play also recorded its biggest lead ever (a jaw dropping 145 percent) over iOS’ volume of downloads in the same period.

According to App Annie’s latest report, much of the strong app download numbers can be attributed to solid performances from mobile markets such as India, Indonesia, and Brazil, countries that have helped Google Play post a 10 percent year over year growth in terms of the total global downloads. India is particularly showing some impressive numbers. Q4 2017 sees the country overtake the United States for the first time ever in terms of combined Android and iOS quarterly app downloads.

The report also pointed out that in emerging mobile markets, consumers are downloading mostly games, finance, and personalization apps in significant quantities. With more and more people starting to use mobile finance options and getting interested in cryptocurrencies, finance apps are beginning to gain some real traction. App Annie even projects that by the end of the first quarter of this year, finance apps will continue to generate some momentum, especially with the tax season just around the corner. The research firm also notes that due to the busy holiday season, shopping apps have already attracted a lot of downloaders, especially among iOS users. 

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to in-app consumer spending, the fourth quarter of 2017 saw high levels of activity. iOS has an almost two fold lead over Android, with a global spending of $11.5 billion. Much of that worldwide spending is driven by American consumers -- across iOS and Google Play, the United States has captured the biggest market share in consumer spending in Q4 2017. Next to the US on iOS spending is Taiwan, on third is Germany. With regards to Android spending, South Korea is second, with Germany once again on third. Looking at the bigger picture, mobile users across the globe spent more than $17 billion across iOS and Google Play, which represents a 20 percent growth compared to the previous year’s fourth quarter numbers.

To know more, you can head to App Annie’s official website in order to read the full report.