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Top 10 Cyber Monday Specials

Here are the top 10 cell phone deals we've found for Cyber Monday. Some may go beyond today (11/29), but many will not. All are for new service, but some may also apply for those looking to extend their contract.  In most cases, the phone price is good for up to 2 phones (i.e., will allow for a family plan); additional lines may be extra.   The waived activation fees apply for up to 5 lines.

Click a deal for more information, terms and restrictions

  1. Refurbished iPhones from as low as $19.   Not sure how long this will last (look in 2nd row)
  2. AT&T: All 3 Windows 7 phones at a special low price (which we're not allowed to show on this page). In addition, get free activation and a $30 bill credit, which will pay for a month of data: HTC Surround, LG Quantum, Samsung Focus. 
  3. T-Mobile:   The brand new MyTouch 4G just $48.88 plus free activation.
  4. Sprint:  HTC Evo in both the original black color and now in white.   This 4G phone is at its lowest price to date (again, we can't show it here, but you can see it if you click one of the links).
  5. Verizon:   All the various DROID phones, by Motorola and HTC on special.  Pay no activation fee if you sign-up today
  6. AT&T:  Samsung Captivate  (Galaxy S Phone):  Free + Free 4GB Memory Card + No Activation Fee + $30 Bill Credit
  7. Sprint:  Samsung Epic 4G Android slider phone.  Special low price (again, too low to show) plus free activation
  8. Verizon:  Samsung Fascinate  (Galaxy S Phone):   Free + Free Activation
  9. T-Mobile: BlackBerry Curve 3G  Free + Waived Activation
  10. Verizon:  Free LG Vortex and Motorola Citrus... a couple new Android touch screen smartphones.