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Top 10 Cyber Monday Specials

Here are the top 10 cell phone deals we've found for Cyber Monday. Some may go beyond today (11/29), but many will not. All are for new service, but some may also apply for those looking to extend their contract.  In most cases, the phone price is good for up to 2 phones (i.e., will allow for a family plan); additional lines may be extra.   The waived activation fees apply for up to 5 lines.

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Helping you Save: Insurance


  1. Do an insurance check-up at least once a year:   Auto, Health, LifeHome
  2. Do it online

Dwelling on Insurance

Got my annual homeowners bill from State Farm the other day, with the annual 15-20% rate hike. My bill has doubled over the past 7 years, even though I've never made a claim. I guess they can afford to be "Like a Good Neighbor" if all you ever do is send them money...

Anyway, I'm sure they are a fine insurance company, if a claim needs to be paid --- the point here is not to bash them. However, I did decide to investigate if another company could offer me comparable coverage for less. The answer was yes.... and in fact my new premium will be about 45% lower!

Shopping for Insurance is Miserable

Insurance is one of those things that's good to have, bad to collect on (especially life insurance if you are the insured), and not particularly enjoyable to shop for. The Internet has made this process a bit less painful by enabling people to comparison shop across providers by filling out one single form.

We've updated our insurance section with (hopefully) useful content to help you sort out what to look for as you get these free quotes. Check out information on homeowners, renters, health, dental, auto and life insurance.