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5G Technology: What Can We Look Forward To

5G Technology: What Can We Look Forward To

During the recently concluded Mobile World Congress held in the city of Barcelona in Spain, there was much talk about 5G technology and how it might shape up the mobile world in the years to come. The generation of wireless tech next to today’s 4G is said to be a hundred times faster, and even better than what Google Fiber delivers via a physical connection to homes. But a concept of an ultra fast network may still sound like a vague idea to some, so let us go through some scenarios.


Lightning Fast Internet Browsing


When you need information on something, Google is pretty amazing and all, but the search results still take some time to load, not to mention the waiting involved in opening the link you have been looking for. 5G technology will change all that. 


And we have not even mentioned downloading media yet. A few years from now, downloading the latest James Bond movie will take only a few seconds instead of the usual five minutes on most of today’s 4G networks.


Super Sharp Video Conferencing Capabilities


We like to think that video conferencing has really made some significant advancements through the years in terms of clarity of reception (audio and video), reliability (less disconnections), and real time connection. But in reality, it is often frustrating to hold a video conversation with a loved one with the reception acting up like it is a stop motion video, with the audio missing some chunks, not to mention the delayed reaction from the person on the other side when he sees your latest hairdo. 


With 5G technology, however, we could be experiencing video conferencing capabilities like in those Star Trek movies in which you can talk to somebody in real time even if the other guy seems like he is in some other distant planet. 


More Expansive Gaming and Virtual Reality Experiences


Playing virtual reality games against a buddy in New Zealand will now be commonplace, and so immersing yourself virtually in a space station in Mars when you are really just sitting on your favorite couch at home. Through 5G technology, you can stream all of that virtual reality data into your headset.


As discussed in the recent Mobile World Congress, the transfer of large chunks of data is completed so far that users will no longer have to wait long for virtual experience to load on their mobile VR device.


Fully Smart Cars


Remember the movie Minority Report? Self driving cars such as those shown in Spielberg’s movie could populate streets in the future, communicating with each other to prevent traffic jams, all made possible through the all encompassing fabric of 5G technology, woven into a metropolis’ road architecture.




Health care service can soon be delivered through the Internet. Doctors will be able to perform surgery on a patient five hundred miles away, with medical robots acting as real time proxies for surgeons and physicians.  


Having mentioned all these cool stuff, still it is wise to remember that the earliest that wireless carriers can roll out this technology is still several years away (2018 maybe, if all those testing goes well, and even then, countrywide deployment may still take even longer). But we can continue to dream, can’t we?