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Yael Kent's blog

Sprint Gets Caught Charging Extra for Having Bad Credit

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that Sprint will be forced to pay nearly $3 million in penalties due to the company's mishandling of a program that charges a fee to customers with lower credit scores.


New York Launches Investigation into Major Internet Providers

For a very long time, it has been something of a given in the United States that the download and upload speeds your internet service provider advertises to you are very far off from the actual speeds you experience while using the internet. The myriad reasons - or excuses, rather - range from limited bandwidth to accusations of a troubled computer to microwaves blocking wireless communications. Whatever the reason, the speeds promised are often cut in half if not more. And customers have lived with it because, in many cases, there is only the illusion of choice.

Is Your Cable Company Using Metered Data?

When cell phone service providers first introduced data plans, everyone had an unlimited amount to use each month for a single, equal charge. Currently, there are cellphone data tiers that users must choose for their particular plan to access the Internet on-the-go. This same concept is being introduced by several cable companies for their household broadband access. Consumers will pay for a certain amount of data each month based on their needs. This new billing strategy is actually beneficial for every party involved when it is analyzed from several different angles.

Facebook, Apple, & Netflix Seek Rights for Live Broadcasts

Watching TV shows online means waiting a day, avoiding spoilers and missing out on live-tweeting. Perhaps not for much longer.

CBS Corp. Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves told Bloomberg TV on Thursday that his network is in talks with Apple, Netflix and Facebook about bringing live television events online. He said the deal with Apple will “probably” be reached, although he is not certain when.

Are Cable And Mobile Companies Going To Converge In The Future?

Although there's a growing trend among US consumers for "cutting the cord" and giving up on cable TV service, cable companies are here to stay. Cable providers now get more revenue from broadband service than traditional cable TV. They're already a crucial part of how America accesses the Internet. Is a move into the world of wireless communications their next step?

How Do You Fix a Buzzing TV?

Fixing a buzzing TV is a problem that most American homeowners have at some point, and you must be aware of signs your TV is going bad. This article explores why your TV may be making those noises.

How High is Your Cable Bill?

The average cable bill gets higher and higher every year, and it’s important to understand how cable companies charge for their services. This article explores different cable packages that increase prices. You are losing money with cable companies that do not offer good value, so use information from this article to save money on your home entertainment budget.

Is Cable TV Stopping You From Watching the Debates?

With the season for the presidential primary being upon us, many will be surprised to find that a large number of the debates won't be aired on broadcast networks. Out of the 15 expected seasonal debates, 10 will only be able to be viewed via cable television.

Like Harvard University Law professor Susan Crawford, many people are scratching their heads over this move. Crawford recently published a piece in Medium that warned voters a cable subscription would practically be required to observe live debates. Additionally, she went on to label this new initiative as a "poll tax."

20 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

Traveling can be expensive and exhausting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some travel hacks that will save you time and money so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

1. Divide cash. Keep some cash on your person, put some in your bag, and put some into your suitcase. If you lose a piece of luggage or get robbed, you will not lose all of your money.

AT&T Launches First TV-Phone Plan Deal

Big news is traveling down the wire as AT&T adds DirecTV to its arsenal of services for their customers. The culmination of these two media giants will result in benefits for both the company and the consumer.