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Through proprietary interactive technology and unbiased content, MyRatePlan helps consumers make informed purchase decisions about a variety of household services. launched on October 20, 1999, and is currently visited by about 500,000 people each month. PC Magazine recognized the site in their top 100 in early 2005, and it has been recognized by a wide variety of media as a useful resource in helping consumers find “The Right Service at the Right Price.”The MyRatePlan website is divided into 8 service categories:WirelessOffers an Interactive PhoneFinder that enables users to virtually assemble their perfect cell phone by selecting desired features, design & price. CellCalc™ is a combination filter and bill analyzer that finds the cell phone rate plan that best meets the needs of the consumer. Both these tools are presented in a convenient matrix format that dynamically updates as selections are made. In addition, the site offers a comprehensive Cell Phone Buying Guide and an incredible wealth of other content.Home PhoneMore competitive offerings by traditional telecom providers, as well as services offered by cable companies and Internet phone companies enable consumers to save hundreds of dollars a year in this area. The Consumer Guide to VoIP talks about the pros and cons of Internet phone service, while our comparison engines in home long distance show how to get those costs down to pennies a minute, or even free if bundled in a larger telecom offering.Satellite TVCompare the offerings of DIRECTV and Dish Network side-by-side in the Consumer Guide to Satellite Television. This tool estimates the monthly bill while finding the provider that has the programming options (basic, movies, sports, locals, audio only and HD) that best meet the user.s needs. The section also offers a comparison between the two satellite radio providers, XM and Sirius.A Credit Cards comparison tool lets users quickly evaluate over 100 of the most popular credit cards available from major issuers like Capital One, Citi, American Express and Chase. Rewards programs, cash back, 0% intro APR and more are available. The site also features a Credit Card Education Center, including a calculator showing the potential benefit of 0% balance transfer offers.TravelLooking for a discount flight or discount hotel reservation? MyRatePlan links to leading comparison engines for these services. The site also provides a flight tracker, enabling users to follow the progress of any commercial flight in the U.S. in real-time.Loans & Financial has a variety of content in this area, from calculators to help you calculate loan payments to links that let you check your credit report, find a discount Realtor or apply for a mortgage or refinance an existing one.InsuranceWhether you need a policy, want to change providers, or just ensure you are getting the most coverage for your dollar, filling out one form online and getting multiple quotes from top companies is a very efficient way to shop for insurance. MyRatePlan provides content and links to apply for life, auto, health, homeowners and more.Internet AccessBroadband (high-speed Internet), from DSL and/or cable modem providers is available to most of the country; DSL rates are sometimes cheaper than dial-up, while cable modem offers speeds up to 100x faster. For those not in an area served by the common forms of broadband, internet via satellite can be a useful, if more expensive, alternative.

Founder Biography Allan Keiter is the founder and president of, LLC. After earning his MBA from Columbia University in 1991, Mr. Keiter embarked on a career path that would have him spend the next 8 years directing the pricing and revenue management strategy and tactics for large service companies, including United Parcel Service, Continental Airlines and BellSouth Cellular. Allan’s job was to help his employers maximize their profits through various pricing schemes and tactics. He developed an expertise in creating financially sound marketing solutions within the industries represented by these companies, all of whom share a common theme of being highly leveraged, capital intensive, volume driven businesses where revenue improvement is highly correlated to higher profits.During this tenure, Allan was constantly amazed at the layers of complexity that often accompanied the pricing rules for these industries. Often, the exceptions and fine print in advertisements was lengthier than the ad copy itself. With the advent of the Internet, a tool was now available to cut through the fine print, and make consumers comfortable that the service being purchased was indeed what they needed. This led to the formation of