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A Cell Phone & Plan for Seniors

We are often asked about phones that are more accessible; the most common request is for an easy-to-use phone with larger keys and a display with larger fonts. Unfortunately, there haven’t been that many good solutions, as the focus of the carriers in the last couple years has been more sophisticated, ever-smaller devices that support various data services.

However, there is finally a good option: The Verizon Coupe.   This is a simple phone:  No camera, no music player, no Internet.  The Coupe has 3 buttons, labeled I, C & E (In Case of Emergency)…. use these for one-touch calling to 3 contacts.  There is also a dedicated 911 button.   The Coupe offers larger than normal fonts and keys.  As of this writing, the Coupe is just $39.99 with a two-year Verizon contract. 

Verizon has also created a plan to go along with the Coupe.  Actually, you can get the plan with any phone, but you must be 65 or older.  Called “Nationwide 65 Plus”, this plan provides 200 anytime minutes, 500 night & weekend minutes, and unlimited free calling to other Verizon subscribers… all for just $29.99/month.  A family plan version of this plan is also available for $59.99/month; it includes 450 anytime minutes, 1,000 night & weekend minutes, and unlimited free calling to other Verizon subscribers.