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Verizon Adds 1.3 Million Net New Customers In Third Quarter Of 2015

The biggest wireless carrier in America has just announced that it has gained an additional 1.3 million net new customers during the third quarter of this year, including a total of 430,000 phone subscribers.

How T-Mobile Can Take Advantage Of Next Year’s Wireless Auction

There is a government auction of wireless spectrum scheduled for 2016, and T-Mobile may have found itself in a very unique position to take advantage of it. For the last couple of years, the wireless carrier, as well as fellow network provider Sprint and other regional operators, were lobbying the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reserve some spectrum for smaller players (i.e.

Verizon Now Letting Customers From Other Networks Bring Their Own Handset

Verizon Wireless is introducing a new policy that should entice more customers from other rival wireless carriers to shift to Verizon by virtue of being allowed to bring their own handsets to the Big Red.

Verizon’s New Smartphone Plans: What You Need To Know

If you do not already know, the biggest wireless carrier in the United States has decided to eliminate contracts for its wireless services. Instead, Verizon Wireless has chosen to offer only four basic new plans that its subscribers can choose from. These changes take effect today, and if you are curious about what they are about, let us run through the basics.


What are the four new plans and what do they offer? The four new plans are as follows:


Sprint Chairman: Network Quality In US Is Bad

Masayoshi Son is not only the chief executive officer of Japanese wireless carrier SoftBank. He also happens to serve as the chairman of Sprint. And during a recent quarterly conference call with industry watchers, Son had expressed some criticism of the current state of the quality of the wireless network in the United States, specifically calling out American wireless carriers for providing “very bad” network.


Verizon’s Transparency Report: Almost 150,000 Data Requests From Government

Verizon Wireless has officially published its Transparency Report for the first six months of this year, and it basically shows that the number one leading wireless carrier in the United States continues to receive loads of requests for its customer information across the country.


Apple Recaptures Title Of Most Valuable Brand In The World

The Apple brand is back at the top. At least according to a report called the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands recently published by advertising firm WPP and market research firm Millward Brown. This report aims to rank the top brands of the world according to their value based on a combination of market data and surveys from customers. 


Verizon Wireless Acquires AOL For $4.4 Billion

The Big Red has just officially announced that it is acquiring AOL for an amount of $4.4 billion (equivalent to $50 a share). Essentially, AOL will turn into a subsidiary company under Verizon Wireless, making it possible for the industry leading wireless carrier to aggressively push into the content and mobile video market.


Google’s Project Fi Could Pave Way For Cable Companies To Realize Their Wireless Ambitions

Project Fi, Google's wireless service, could potentially change the mobile industry. But perhaps in a totally unexpected way.


Just a week ago, the search giant announced that it was collaborating with major wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint in introducing Project Fi, a new wireless service that easily switches between 4G LTE cellular networks and Wi-Fi connections. 


Your Guide To Choosing An Early Upgrade Plan For The Samsung Galaxy S6

So you want to get your hands on Samsung's newest flagship device, the Galaxy S6 smartphone? But you are already planning ahead to get the next flagship handset from the South Korean phone maker next year? You might do well to avail of an early upgrade plan. But which one to choose? Here is a quick guide.


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