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FreedomPop Unlimited Talk & Text 500MB

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  • Total Monthly Price:(for 1 lines)
    $10.99 /mo
  • Minutes:
  • Data:
  • Messages:
  • Contract Length: 
    Monthly/No Contract
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Can bring your own phone
Can check the status of wireless bill directly from the phone
Calls to other phones from the same carrier are free
Free domestic long distance
No roaming charges in the United States
Free nights and weekends

About This Plan

Switch to FreedomPop and save big. In addition, the first month of service is completely free. No contracts or commitments required. The FreedomPop Unlimited Plan is an individual cell phone plan offered by FreedomPop that offers unlimited talk and text, and 500MB of high speed data. FreedomPop plans are affordable and flexible, and require no contracts or commitments from you. Sign up for FreedomPop today and start saving.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Free Basic Plan: 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB
  • Premium Unlimited Plans up to 80% off other carriers
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB data - $19.99/mo
  • No contract. No commitment. Cancel anytime.
  • WiFi calling and texting from anywhere
  • Free unlimited calling & texting between FreedomPop Phones
  • Free international calling from over 60 countries
  • Get a new phone number or keep your own
  • Earn additional free data every month by adding friends
  • Earn unlimited free data by completing partner offers 

FreedomPop Premier Package

FreedomPop offers a Premium Plus package (a $7.99/mo value) free for your first 30 days. The Premium Plus includes:

  • Premium Support - Make sure your Internet always works with immediate personal support
  • Online Security - Internet security and antivirus protection for all your devices
  • Data Rollover - Rollover your unused data and bank up to 20GB of data for use any time
  • Data Compression - Get more out of your data plan
  • Pay As You Go Boost - Save 50% on your data when you go over your Basic 200MB data plan limit
  • Usage Alerts - Prevent pay as you go charges before going over data limits with usage alerts
  • Private Internet - Protect your identity and personal information online
Cost Breakdown in Detail Monthly
Base Plan $ 10.99
Messages Cost $0.00
Data Cost $0.00
Grand Total $10.99

*Other fees based on usage may apply, including early termination fees and a one time activation fee of $0.00.

Samsung Galaxy S5 +Add this phone to your plan.See phone details.
Kyocera Hydro Vibe +Add this phone to your plan.See phone details.
Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) +Add this phone to your plan.See phone details.
Description Cost Data Excess
$0.00/mo 500MB$0.03 per MB
Description Cost Included
Unlimited $0.00 /month Unlimited
US Rates Cost
Domestic Long Distance Rate $0.00
Roaming charges $0.00
Text messages (pay per use) $0.00
Picture/video messages (pay per use) $0.00