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Business Long Distance

Looking to cut your business’s costs? Changing long distance providers is one of the easiest places to look for substantial savings. It is easy to switch providers, with no need to change phone numbers or experience any downtime. The only thing you'll notice is that you may have a bill 50% smaller.

If you are spending more than 4 cents per minute for long distance service, we encourage you to investigate new types of long distance calling plans for your business.

There are many other kinds of telephone service providers, most notably VoIP providers, who offer free or very cheap long distance and international calling. You could end up saving your company a lot of money by switching to a new long distance telephone service provider. We encourage you to compare long distance service providers to see how much you could be saving.

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Major Long Distance Service Providers

If you are a business owner, there are several services available to you for long distance phone service. You can search through these plans by zip code to make sure that you find the best long distance phone service available in your area.

The major providers for business long distance phone service are

  • VoIP providers
  • Traditional Telephone Service

When picking a long distance phone service provider for your business, you will have a lot of factors to consider. Use the lists below to help you simplify your decision making process.

VoIP Providers

VoIP systems are very popular for businesses long distance. They are very inexpensive and they can greatly simplify your office telephone system.

Most business VoIP providers set rates that include unlimited domestic calling. Because of how VoIP works, it is just as easy to make a long distance call as it is to make a local call. This means that with most VoIP providers, you don’t have to pay anything extra for business long distance.

The business VoIP providers in our table all offer unlimited local and long distance calls:

  • Nextiva: Office Pro starts at $19.95/month per user
  • Vocalocity: Unlimited extension starts at $39.99/month per user
  • Phonebooth: Nationwide Local and Long Distance starts at $20/month per user
  • Jive: Tier 5 Business VoIP Plan: $19.95/month per user for offices of 50+
  • 8x8: Virtual Office starts at $24.99/month per user
  • RingCentral: RingCentral Office starts at $24.99/month per user

Most VoIP providers also have international rates that run between $0.001 and $0.10/minute. Some VoIP services also include up to an hour of free international calling.

Traditional Telephone Service Providers

Traditional telephone service providers include companies like Verizon, AT&T, and MCI. While these companies do offer some unlimited plans, generally their plans include extra fees for long distance calling on top of your monthly rate.

Compare the following rates from traditional telephone service providers with the costs of a VoIP service provider for business long distance and international calling:

  • AT&T: AT&T Business Unlimited Calling II starts at $15/month per user. On other plans, long distance rates are $0.07/minute.
  • Verizon: Basic Unlimited Nationwide Package starts at $63.50/month per user. On other plans, nationwide calling ranges from $0.05 to $0.10/minute.
  • MCI: MCI Nationwide 200 Plus starts at $13.99/month per user. On other plans, long distance rates are $0.05/minute.

International calls with these companies can be very expensive, even with their international calling plans. Some international calls with these companies can run as high as $3.27/minute.

3rd Party Long Distance Service Providers

There are a few other types of long distance service providers, besides the major types of service described above.

Some businesses will use calling cards for occasional long distance and international call. Calling cards allow you to call “around” your long distance service provider, so you won’t have to pay expensive long distance fees. A calling card is prepaid, so when you call the card, the cost of your long distance call is subtracted from your balance. Also, you call an 800 number to access the card, so your initial call is toll free.

You can also use dial around services for long distance calling. To use a dial around service, you first call the dial around number (this is a 10-10-xxx number, like 10-10-321 or 10-10-220). You then make your long distance call. You pay the dial around company for the call rather than your long distance service provider.

Dial around has become less popular in recent years. It used to save you a lot of money but now they are pretty expensive, as much as $1/minute.

There are also long distance companies that only offer business long distance calling, like ECG Long Distance, Telna, and Total Call International. These companies charge rates of about $0.05/minute for international and long distance calling when you sign up for a plan. However, there are no minimum requirements for these plans, monthly fees are about $1, and you can cancel service at any time.