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Instagram hits 1 billion users; launches new IGTV video uploading service

Instagram has recently revealed that it now has a billion active users on a monthly basis. About nine months ago, the social media platform had announced that it had reached 800 million monthly active users, improving upon the 500 million active user volume it had amassed every month as of June of 2016.

Facebook introduces game shows platform, with live interactive vids

Online game shows are all the rage these days (just ask HQ Trivia), so it is no surprise that just about everybody is trying to join in on the party. Facebook, however, sees things differently -- instead of launching its own game show, the biggest social media empire in the world has decided to debut its own game show platform. 

California Democrats combine two separate net neutrality bills

In the biggest state in America (in terms of population), Democrats are linking two separate bills on net neutrality, in order to pass what may consider to be the most rigid net neutrality regulations in the United States.

FCC: Repeal of net neutrality rules takes effect June 11

Perhaps it really is time to bid farewell for good to the net neutrality regulations implemented back in 2015, under the administration of then President Barack Obama. But the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has declared that the proposed repeal of those rules three years ago is taking effect today.

Is Facebook no longer cool enough for kids?

It looks that way, at least according to the results of a study recently released by Pew Research Center. This particular study was conducted in order to shed some light on topics that span Internet, social media, and mobile device usage among today’s teenagers based in the United States. And the results indicate that teens nowadays appear to be preferring new websites compared to before.

Net neutrality bill in California passes State Senate

Just this week, the California State Senate has passed a bill that was originally drafted by Senator Scott Wiener (Democrat from San Francisco).

AT&T officially launches LTE-M Button powered by Amazon Web Services

About a year ago, AT&T had launched its countrywide LTE-M for IoT (Internet of Things), and the second biggest wireless service provider in the United States then followed up that effort by joining forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in unveiling the LTE-M Button last December.

YouTube Music gets re-launched; Plus, a new music detection feature, and the royal wedding

This week has been a busy one for the world’s most popular source of online video content. Indeed, not only did YouTube start testing an incognito mode, its YouTube TV app also now sports a new voice remote feature. Apparently, Google is not done yet with regards to changes and updates to its multi-media brand.

Spotify’s revamped free app gives access to on-demand playlists

Fresh from launching a bundle with Hulu just a couple of weeks ago, the most popular music streaming service provider in the world has decided to release a new and improved version of its free app, and this time around, it allows non-paying listeners to get access to on-demand tracks.

Twilio’s Programmable Wireless: An IoT service powered by T-Mobile

A few days ago, Twilio officially launched its Programmable Wireless service, a SIM based Internet of Things (IoT) offering powered by the wireless network of T-Mobile. Programmable Wireless is being positioned as a tool that developers can take full advantage of especially if they want to create services built around the concept of IoT.