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FCC To Roll Back Its Previous Net Neutrality Ruling: What You Need To Know

It seems that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be rolling back its previous stand regarding Net Neutrality, which could have a significant impact on how people (and business establishments) consume the Internet. 


Mobile Operators Prepare To Handle Heavy Wireless Data At DNC

A week ago, Republican supporters consumed Super Bowl level loads at the Republican National Convention (RNC) held in the city of Cleveland in Ohio. This week, the same thing is likely to happen in the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, where the Democratic National Convention will take place. Wireless carriers, however, are ready to handle all that mobile data.


Net Neutrality Supporters Urging FCC To Take Action Against Zero-Rating Offers

Now that the United States Court of Appeals has upheld the net neutrality rules imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over a year ago, advocates of those rules are demanding that the agency take immediate action in addressing zero rating deals offered by various broadband and wireless companies. 


US Court Of Appeals Upholds Net Neutrality Rules Imposed By The FCC Last Year

Count this is another win for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in its long time bid to make the information superhighway a fair and open place for every consumer and business entity. Just this week, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has ruled to uphold the net neutrality rules established by the FCC more than a year ago.


5G Technology: What Can We Look Forward To

During the recently concluded Mobile World Congress held in the city of Barcelona in Spain, there was much talk about 5G technology and how it might shape up the mobile world in the years to come. The generation of wireless tech next to today’s 4G is said to be a hundred times faster, and even better than what Google Fiber delivers via a physical connection to homes. But a concept of an ultra fast network may still sound like a vague idea to some, so let us go through some scenarios.


Lightning Fast Internet Browsing


Verizon Increases Default Speed Of Its FiOS Internet Service To 50 Mbps

Verizon Wireless has officially phased out its 25 mbps default speed for its FiOS Internet service. The Big Red has now instead upgraded it to 50 mbps at the minimum. 


AT&T Talks Up Smart Cities, Connected Cars During CES 2016

While other companies took the opportunity to promote their latest tech products and services during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show held in the city of Las Vegas in Nevada, AT&T looked to the future instead, talking about smart cities, connected cars, and glucose monitors that could turn into a reality in the next few years.


What Facebook Plans To Do If It Gets Kicked Out Of The Google Play Store

Both Facebook and Google are at the top of their games, with Facebook the undisputed king of social media while Google lording over the search engine arena. Now, as both companies are trying to expand beyond their respective milieus, some conflict was bound to happen as their interests begin to overlap with each other’s. Of course, as this intensifies, perhaps the first casualty would be their business relationship -- everybody knows that Facebook’s mobile app for the Android platform is currently available at the search giant’s Play Store.

Facebook At Work Ready To Roll Out Sometime Next Year

The biggest social media platform in the planet is preparing to officially release the business version of itself to companies around the world. After being quietly tested for the fast few quarters, Facebook at Work is expected to be deployed in the coming months sometime next year. This was revealed by Vanessa Chan, spokesperson for Facebook, recently this week.