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Disposing of a Surplus Phone

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Millions of phones go out of service each year, usually because their owner upgraded to a new phone or switched carriers. Unfortunately, many of these unwanted phones end up in landfills, creating an environmental waste problem that is growing larger each year. Fortunately, the wireless industry and some entrepreneurs have responded with alternatives.

Selling Your Phone You can now ship your phone to a company that will pay cash for it. The amount will vary, based on the model, its age, and its original selling price. These companies refurbish these phones and then sell them in bulk, often in other countries. In some cases, this provides a more affordable solution to those abroad who might not otherwise be able to afford a cell phone.

Donating Your Phone There are a number of charities that will be happy to take your phone. Whether for victims of domestic violence, for the elderly, for public safety, or for the disabled, the device you can no longer use might help someone in need.

Photo: Chris Jordan