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Popularized by Nextel, push-to-talk enables one person to speak to another person (or group of people) with the push of a button, similar to a walkie-talkie. Connecting to the other party is almost instantaneous, and the “call” bypasses the cellular network, so this talk time doesn't count against your plan's anytime minutes. Currently, push-to-talk is only available between subscribers of the same carrier; interoperability will likely arrive at some point. This feature may incur additional fees; check your rate plan for details. For carriers (other than Nextel) that offer push-to-talk, only certain phones have the push/talk capability.

International Calling from U.S.

International calling encompasses two distinct areas: Using your phone to call another country from your plan's U.S. calling area and using your phone when in another country. The latter is more complex, as it involves both price and technological issues. For a fuller analysis of overseas options, visit page 39. Calling another country on your cell phone is generally the same as calling from a landline — there are more digits to dial, and it costs more money. Most wireless rate plans don't include calls to other countries. However, certain carriers now offer special bundled rates, particularly to Canada and Mexico. Check with your carrier for more information.