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Cellular Resources - Night and Weekend Minutes

All of the major wireless carriers offer unlimited free night and weekend minutes with many of their price plans.

Times for Free Night Minutes

Carrier 12AM-6AM 6AM-7AM 7AM-6PM 6PM-7PM 7PM-9PM 9PM-12AM


Moon Sun Sun Sun Sun and Moon Moon


Moon Moon Sun Sun and Moon Sun and Moon Moon


Moon Moon Sun Sun Sun Moon

Verizon Wireless

Moon Sun Sun Sun Sun Moon
Peak time       Off-Peak time       Peak time may be convertible to off-peak for an additional fee

* As of July 17, 2005. Not all plans offer free minutes; off-peak times may vary by market. The weekend period from 12AM Saturday to 12AM Monday is considered off-peak by all carriers.

Why do the carriers offer these free minutes?

They offer them because they can: The carriers build their networks to support calls during peak times, which are usually morning and afternoon drive times. There is much less demand on a carrier's wireless network during other times, so essentially they are giving away capacity that would otherwise go unused. There is minimal cost to the carrier for doing this.

Monthly prices vary based on how many 'anytime' minutes are in the calling plan. From the consumer's perspective, the real value in these free minutes is that all the 'anytime' minutes in the calling plan only need to be used during peak times. As a result, you won't need as many 'anytime' minutes, and you can save $10 or $20 per month by signing up for a package with fewer 'anytime' minutes.

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