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Most basic packages include the regional sports network(s) authorized for your area. If you want more sports, both DISH and DIRECTV offer a sports package enabling you to get all the regional sports channels. The DIRECTV package is somewhat more expensive, between $7 and $12 (depending on how many movie packages you buy), because it includes a few additional channels.

If you are interested in the sports package, take a look at the packages below. Before actually subscribing to this, though, we encourage you to fully understand the blackout rules associated with this package. See our Sports FAQ for more information.

If you are a huge fan of one or more sports, another consideration is a seasonal sports package. Take a look below to learn more about these options.

Satellite TV Sports Packages

Both DIRECTV and DISH offer premium sports packages. If there are any specific sports channels that you will want to watch, you should first check with your satellite TV provider to see which satellite TV plans include some free sports channels, and which channels cost extra. If you are especially interested in local sports, you probably won’t need an extra channel. However, if you want to keep up with games in out-of-market areas (for example, if you live in Texas but you want to watch New York Giants games), then a premium sports package is a great choice.

Both DIRECTV and DISH offer lots of premium sports channels in addition to basic sports channels and local channels. Most of the time these sports TV packages are add-ons to your regular satellite service, so you will have to pay an extra monthly fee for them. However, you can sometimes find discounts or promotions on sports channels with certain satellite TV packages.

Use our calculator to see how much you will have to pay for additional sports channels with DIRECTV and DISH. Find out which satellite TV provider offers the best discounts and prices on the sports channels that matter most to you.

DIRECTV Premium Sports Channels

DIRECTV offers one premium sports package, the SPORTS PACK. The SPORTS PACK is a collection of over 35 channels that broadcast sports 24/7. With the SPORTS PACK, you will have access to a selection of games and tournaments in pro and college sports, including some specialty sports like swimming and bicycling.

The SPORTS PACK includes several premium channels:

  • Fox Soccer Channel
  • beIN Sport
  • ESPN Classic
  • Outdoor Channel
  • Universal Sports Network

You can save a lot of money by choosing to get the SPORTS PACK if you had thought about buying any of these channels individually, or other plans that included these channels. The SPORTS Pack costs $13.99/month while the Fox Soccer Channel costs $14.99/month by itself. So, you are already saving money if you choose to get the SPORTS PACK, rather than a selection of individual premium channels.

In the chart below, we have compared the SPORTS PACK premium plan with some other sports package options available on DIRECTV so you can get a better idea of all of your options for sports TV with DIRECTV.

Special Sports Programming on DIRECTV

Sport Sports Package Price Features
Multi SPORTS PACK $13.99/month
  • 35 dedicated sports channels
  • 30 regional sports networks available countrywide
  • Includes some specialty sports and international soccer games
  • Includes MLB Strike Zone
Football NFL Sunday Ticket $39.99/month for 6 months
$239.94 in one payment
  • Every out-of-market game available
  • Watch up to 8 games at once
  • NFL Sunday Ticket On Demand
Football NFL Sunday Ticket Max $54.99/month for 6 months
$329.94 in one payment
All features on NFL Sunday Ticket, plus:
  • Ability to watch games on multiple devices
  • Red Zone Channel
  • Short Cuts (tune in to select channels to watch abbreviated games without commercials)
Baseball MLB Extra Innings

$29.99/month for 4 months
$119.96 in one payment

  • 80 games outside local area every week
  • 40 games a week in HD
  • MLB Strike Zone included free
  • Watch multiple games at once
Basketball NBA League Pass $29.99 in 6 months
  • 40 out-of-market games/week
  • 20 games in HD per week
  • Watch games live on multiple devices
Hockey NHL Center Ice $169/year
  • 40 out-of-market games each week
  • NHL Network with daily highlights and live shows included at no extra charge
NASCAR NASCAR HotPass Included in all plans at no extra cost
  • 4 dedicated channels
  • All channels and races available in HD
Soccer MLS Direct Kick $19.75 in 4 payments
  • Access to all games with all MLS teams
  • Pre-game and post-game shows, plus over 233 games per season
Soccer FOX Soccer Plus $14.99/month
  • Access to international soccer and rugby games and tournaments
  • Live international games
  • Over 250 games annually
Soccer International Soccer on the Mix Channel (a channel that displays live feeds from other channels) Available in all plans starting with the Total Choice plan and up
  • UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League on dedicated channels, around 200 games
  • Watch multiple games at once
UFC UFC Pay Per View: $54.95 for HD channels
  • Channels available with or without HD
  • Pay Per View means you don’t have to commit to a regularly renewing plan
  • Free access to countdowns and weigh-ins on plans with the Audience Network
Boxing Boxing Pay Per View. No prices shown.
  • Pay for individual matches as you want them.
  • Get access to exclusive programming.
Rugby Rugby (Includes several channels) Certain channels available free on all plans. Games on BBC America available on Entertainment Plan and up.
  • Access to major international tournaments and games
  • Multiple channels with rugby access
Cricket Willow Cricket $14.99/month
  • 24/7 cricket channel
  • Access to every major series
Golf Golf Majors Experiences Included free on select plans, Choice Plan or better
  • Watch up to 4 games at once
  • Interactive leaderboards and regular stats updates
Tennis Grand Slam Tennis Experience Included on all plans starting with the Choice plan and higher
  • Watch the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open, and Wimbledon
  • Keep tabs on scores and stats with the Mix Channel
WWE WWE Wrestling Events Pay Per View (no price quote available on website)
  • Order specific matches and events individually so you only pay for the events you want
  • Available with and without HD systems
College Basketball ESPN Full Court $27.50/month for 4 months
  • Up to 30 games a week
  • National coverage for multiple college teams


DIRECTV and Included Sports Channels

Before you set out to buy any of the above listed sports channels and seasonal passes, you should carefully evaluate the included channels on each DIRECTV plan. Most of these plans include some sports channels. For example, the NFL Sunday Ticket is included in all packages starting with the Choice Plan and higher.

In addition, you should have access to most local games and some basic sports channels in your area. Satellite TV providers usually include local channels at no extra cost, so you shouldn’t necessarily pay extra for a sports channel or premium packages if what you really want is just local sports.

DISH and Premium Sports Channels

The DISH equivalent to the DIRECT SPORTS PACK is the MULTI-SPORT PACK. This packages costs $11/month and gives you access to 20 regional sports networks. In addition, you get access to some premium channels. Other packages available:

  • NFL Red Zone
  • NFL Network
  • NBA TV
  • NHL network
  • MLB Network
  • MLB Strike Zone
  • Pac-12 Networks
  • Fox Soccer
  • Universe Sports Network
  • Big Ten Network

Again, we have compared the DISH MULTI-SPORT PACK with some other DISH sports channels and packages below so you can choose the best sports plan for your viewing needs.

Special Sports Programming with DISH

Sport Sport Package Price Features
Multi MULTI-SPORT PACK $11/month
  • Access to a wide variety of sports and games
  • Access to additional sports channels all included in one plan
College Football ESPN GamePlan $30.25/month for 4 months
  • Up to 15 match-ups every week
  • Includes out-of-market teams
Soccer MLS Direct Kick $79 Regular Season Offer
  • Up to 233 games per season with some playoff games
Soccer Fox Soccer Plus $15/month
  • Access to international soccer and rugby games
  • Provides you with a selection of some of the best leagues and most highly anticipated games
Basketball NBA League Pass $44.75/month for 4 months
$179/year (adjusted by season)
  • Up to 40 games live every week
  • Includes local and out-of-market games
College Basketball ESPN Full Court $27.50/month for 4 months
$110/year (adjusted by season)
  • Up to 30 games per week
  • Includes the most highly anticipated match-ups in out-of-market teams
Hockey NHL Center Ice (Adjusted by season)
  • Up to 40 out-of-market games every week
Hunting and other outdoor sports Outdoor Sports $4/month
  • Watch hunting, fishing, archery, and adventuring shows
Cricket NEO Cricket $14.99/month
  • Access to multiple matches and tournaments with Indian leagues
Cricket Cricket Pack $19.99/month
  • Access to NEO Cricket, TEN Cricket, and Willow Cricket
  • Access to multiple international cricket matches
  • 24/7 dedicated cricket channels
Horse racing Racetrack TV $50/month
  • Includes up to 80 racing channels
WWE WWE Pay Per View: Standard prices start at $9.99, HD prices start at $44.99
  • Pay for individual games and matches. Prices vary by match.
UFC UFC Pay Per View: $54.99 for HD,
$44.99 for standard
  • Pay for individual matches and games as you want them
Boxing Boxing Pay Per View: Prices around $29.99 for HD and standard
  • Pay for individual games and special features as you want them. Prices vary by content.

DISH and Included Sports Channels

Like DIRECTV, DISH offers free local channels which includes access to local sports events, so if you are most interested in local events, you may not want to get an extra channel or premium sports pack.


A blackout occurs when a sporting event or other TV broadcast is not aired in a particular area. Before you buy a premium sports pack or extra sports channel, you should be aware of how blackouts may affect your viewing experience. Your satellite TV provider usually has no control over blackouts.

Blackouts are imposed by sports leagues and teams for various reasons. In some cases, a blackout may be declared because of poor game attendance. In other cases, sports leagues may blackout games because of contracts that limit games to certain broadcasters. Sometimes blackouts occur because of emergency news broadcasts.

At any rate, your satellite TV provider can’t guarantee that you will always have access to all events because of blackout rules.