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Satellite Radio: Compare Sirius to XM Radio

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Like television before it, radio is now available by satellite. Two providers, XM Radio and Sirius offer satellite radio service throughout the continental US.

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What is Satellite Radio?

Basically, it is an additional band for your radio. Unlike AM & FM, which are transmitted from earth-bound transmitters, satellite radio comes primarily from a signal sent via satellites orbiting the earth.

What Programming is Available?

Both Sirius and XM Radio offer over 100 channels (Sirius calls them 'streams') of music, news and entertainment.

Do I Need Satellite Radio?

That's up to you, of course. There are 4 primary differences between satellite radio and the stations provided on traditional radio:

  • Clarity: Satellite radio signals are digital, and the satellites cover the entire continental US. This means channels have no geographic boundaries; you can drive across the country and not encounter static or fade*.
  • Content: With over 100 channels, satellite radio offers far more variety than traditional radio. If your tastes run outside the mainstream, chances are you will still find a channel for it on satellite radio. If you live somewhere that doesn't have many radio stations, you may find yourself overwhelmed, in a positive way, with the number and variety of programming now available to you.
  • Commercials: All the music channels on both XM Radio and Sirius are commercial-free!
  • Cost: While broadcast radio is free, satellite radio is a subscription service. Both XM Radio and Sirius cost $12.95 per month, and offer longer-term subscriptions at reduced rates, and 'family plans', whereby you can activate additional radios at a reduced rate.

* Brief reception loss can occur where your receiver loses site of the satellite. For example, a dense urban area surrounded by high-rise buildings, or some mountain valleys. Note that both services have installed land-based repeaters to minimize this occurrence.