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residential voip

Wholesale VoIP Providers

Lots of major VoIP service providers have wholesale VoIP options. Wholesale VoIP is ideal for people with a lot of technical skill and the knowledge to build and run their own telephone system.

Check out our comparison charts below to start your search for the best VoIP wholesale provider for you.

Traditional Telephone Service

Plan Name State-to-State Rate More Info
ECG Easy Billing 2.5

VoIP Features

Basic Included VoIP Features

Most VoIP providers will provide you with all of the following basic features, and usually some additional special features, for free:

Savings with VoIP

How does VoIP save you money?

You can save money with VoIP in lots of ways:

How VoIP Works

VoIP vs. Traditional Telephone Service

The biggest difference between how VoIP works and how a traditional telephone service works is that VoIP uses digital data while traditional telephone service uses analog data. Digital data is binary composed of 1s and 0s, while analog data is composed of electronic waves.

Requirements for VoIP

Why are requirements for VoIP different from other providers?

Because the technology behind how VoIP works is unique to digital telephony, the requirements for VoIP will be different from the requirements of other telephone services.

Traditional telephone service providers rely on analog technology, while VoIP relies on digital technology. So, if you have been using a traditional telephone service provider, your house or office is only equipped to handle analog telephone calls right now.

Mobile VoIP

How Mobile VoIP Works

Mobile VoIP is made possible by SIP technology. With SIP, you can adapt multiple types of devices to work with a VoIP system. As of today, mobile VoIP is cheap and easy to find. Many VoIP services even include a mobile VoIP app so that you can easily use your VoIP service through your mobile device.

To use a mobile VoIP app, you download a softphone onto your mobile device. A softphone is software that works as a telephone. This softphone appears on your screen as a dial pad with a contact list.

Dial Around Long Distance

What is Dial Around?

A dial around service is a company that allows you to bypass your telephone service provider when you are making a call. This is most valuable when you are making a long distance call that costs a lot of money with your telephone service provider. In the early 1990s dial around services offered very low rates, which meant that you could save a lot of money by using a dial around service.

Long Distance Service Comparisons

Major Long Distance Service Providers

As the above chart demonstrates, there are a few categories of long distance service providers: