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How To Block a Phone Number from Calling Your Cell Phone

It comes to a point where hitting the phone's 'Ignore' button doesn't work. Anyone who knows what it's like to have a stalker, an ex that doesn't except that the relationship ended, or gets a barrage of calls from overzealous telemarketers is probably seeking a way to block these numbers permanently. Depending on the particular wireless carrier and cell phone type, dealing with nuisance phone calls may be a think of the past.

Unmask Unknown or Blocked Numbers

Many people have tried to get a blocked phone number blocked from calling them. Unfortunately, providers have no way to block these calls without actually having the number. And, they have no way of seeing what number is calling. Luckily, there is an app for Android and iPhone that can unmask these hidden numbers and block them. TrapCall provides a way to reveal hidden phone numbers. One of the benefits of using this app is its free trial period. During the free trial, users can reveal all of the numbers they need and then cancel the service. Using all of the app's features requires a subscription that costs $4.99 a month. Sign up for TrapCall.

The apps on this list are the best ways to block unknown callers.

How to Stop Annoying or Unwanted Phone Callers From Calling Your Cell Phone:


YouMail is a free service that allows the blocking of unwanted voicemail messages. The app allows you to use a more formal, professional "This number is no longer in service" message" or you can choose to completely customize the message. Blocked callers will receive the greeting and don't get the option to leave a voicemail message.


Available in the app store, RoboKiller is another app that lets users screen and block calls for $1.99 a month. The app has several useful features. One of these features is it automatically blocks unknown robocallers.


Another app that stops unwanted callers is Truecaller. The app, available for iPhone or Android, searches for unknown numbers, identifies and blocks spammers, calls friends and has a variety of other features. Truecaller has a community-created spam list that was created by more than 250 million users. Truecaller is a phone app that is worth using.

Carrier Options

Sprint: Sprint allows their customers to block numbers by simply logging into their online account. Once logged in, customers should navigate to the 'My Preferences' tab. Next, select the option for 'Limits and Permissions'. There will be an option to 'Block Voice'. Users can enter the phone number they want to be blocked. Sprint does not allow anyone to block unknown numbers.

AT&T: AT&T has unique choices for banning text messages and call from certain callers. One solution offered by AT&T is the service's Call Protect application. This app can be found in the Google's Play Store and also in Apple's App Store. It is also important to note that the app only allows numbers to be blocked for up to 30 days. This app does allow for the unlimited blocking of numbers. To continue blocking numbers after the 30-day period, users have to reinstate the call block.

AT&T also has AT&T Smart Limits. This service allows the blocking of texts and calls for 30 phone numbers. AT&T Smart Limits is similar to other services. Users will not be able to block anonymous or unknown callers. It costs $4.99 a month to use the service.

Verizon: The maximum amount of phone numbers Verizon allows users to block is five on a single account. The call bans are only in effect for 90 days. To block a number, users need to log into their online account. Go to the area labeled 'My Account'. There will be several options, choose 'Manage Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls'. Find the tab that is labeled 'Call & Message Blocking Feature'. Select the number to block and click 'Add Now'.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile does not have a highly-effective method of blocking numbers. The support on the company's website suggests using the methods that are featured, like using a third-party app and blocking the number on your phone, in this guide.

Use the Do Not Call Database

When telemarketing calls become a constant and annoying part of the day, they can be stopped by joining the Do Not Call List. Any telemarketer that calls is now committing an illegal act. Unfortunately, the effects of registration are not immediate. The registration takes effect in about 31 days.

Blocking a Number on an iPhone:

Blocking the number on the iPhone prevents the blocked number from making FaceTime calls, regular calls and text messages. Follow these instructions to block annoying callers on an iPhone. Find the 'Phone' app and select 'Recent'. Choose the phone number that is being blocked and tap the 'i' that's in the circle next to the phone number. In the lower portion of the screen, there will be a prompt that appears, select 'Block this Caller'.

It is also possible to block phone numbers on iPhones by finding the number in the phone's contact's list. Unknown numbers cannot be blocked with iOS.

Blocking Phone Numbers on Android Phones:

Follow these instructions to block phone numbers using an Android Phone. The instructions will vary depending on the version of the Android phone.

Android Phones That Use Lollipop:

In the Android's 'Phone' app, locate a tab called 'Call Settings'. Once this is found, select it. Next, select 'Call Rejection'. Within the 'Call Rejection' area, the 'Auto Reject List' will appear. Find or enter the phone number that is getting blocked.

For Marshmallow or Nougat Versions of Android:

Open the 'Dialer'. Find the 'Recent Calls List' in the list of options. Once in the 'Recent Calls List', find the phone number that is getting blocked and select 'Block/Report Spam'. Choose the option to block the phone number.

Blocking a Number on a Samsung Phones:

Find and open the 'Phone' app. Navigate to the phone call log and open it. Select the 'More' option. Then find and select 'Block Settings'. Select the phone number this is getting blocked.

Blocking Phone Numbers on Windows Phones:

Open the phone' s settings. Select the 'Call+SMS Filter' option. Find the 'Phone'. Once the phone app is reached, select and hold to block the phone number. Select 'Ok' to complete the request.

How to Block Unwanted Phone Calls on LG phones:

In the 'Phone' app, find and select 'Call History'. Scroll down to find and select the phone number. Once the number is found, tap it 'Block Caller or Block Contact'.


When trying to politely, or not politely, tell the caller to stop calling does not work. It's time to take desperate action. Sometimes tricking the caller into thinking that the number has been disconnected or that their number is blocked may be an effective solution. Get a friend to record an outgoing voicemail message. Record a message that states that the number the person is trying to reach is disconnected. Leave a lot of space at the end of the message so the caller hangs up before hearing the beep. If the message is convincing enough, the caller may stop calling.

Call Forwarding

This solution is far from perfect. However, if it is possible to tolerate not receiving incoming phone calls for a couple of days, then this trick may work. Forward calls to another phone number like 555-555-5555. The caller will receive an error message. Or, direct the calls to a random Domino's Pizza in the middle of nowhere. They will eventually get it.

Get a New Number

Changing a phone number is more of a last resort measure. Honestly, following the steps above should provide some sort of unwanted phone call relief. However, if this does not work, then a change of number will definitely work.

If none of these solutions provide an effective resolution, call the wireless carrier, explain the problem, and request a different phone number. They may understand the situation and wave any charge associated with a number change.