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Bundling Pros & Cons

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There are a number of issues you may want to consider before committing to one vendor for multiple household services.

Reasons to Bundle

  • Attractive introductory pricing, usually for 6 months to a year
  • Easier to buy vs. shopping for each service individually
  • Getting one bill is more convenient than multiple bills
  • One bill is consistent
  • May be easier to deal with one vendor (unless they have lousy customer service)

Reasons not to Bundle

  • "Sticker shock" when promotion ends and/or with the amount of fees and taxes on a combined bill
  • Bundle may not match your needs (We wrote an entire article about this)
  • It can be painfully confusing to try and compare bundles
  • Commitment of up to two years may be required to get special offers and/or rebates; early termination fees of several hundred dollars could apply
  • Can you actually get the full advertised service for the promotional price? For example, a triple play that includes HD channels in the television piece --- but requires leasing an HD box for an extra $10 a month to actually be able to see them
  • Advertised bundle may not be available in your area, even if the service provider is there. For example, a cable company may offer TV and internet but not phone
  • Most bundles include home phone service: If you don't use/need that anymore (e.g., most calls on your cell phone), you'll most likely be economically better off foregoing the bundle and just cancelling the home phone.