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ROK Mobile Ultimate Unlimited Plan with Samsung Galaxy S5

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Other Available Phones

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ROK Mobile Ultimate Unlimited Plan with Samsung Galaxy S5

View details about ROK Mobile Ultimate Unlimited plan with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 works with the ROK Mobile Ultimate Unlimited Plan on the ROK Mobile network. Compare price, features, and plan details for the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the ROK Mobile Ultimate Unlimited plan including phone price, information about upgrades, leasing and financing options, phone specs, contract type, and more at MyRatePlan.

  • Total Monthly Price:(for 1 lines)
    $0.00 /mo
  • Minutes:
  • Data:
    Unlimited (5GB at 4G LTE)
  • Messages:
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Can bring your own phone
Can check the status of wireless bill directly from the phone
Calls to other phones from the same carrier are free
Free domestic long distance
No roaming charges in the United States
Free nights and weekends

About this Plan

The ROK Unlimited Plan offers unlimited talk, text, data, and streaming music. Bring your own phone or buy a new from us. Includes 5GB of 4G LTE data & unlimited 3G data. No contracts, no activation fees, no hidden costs. Access to over 20m adfree tracks on demand with unlimited skips, personalization, mood filters and new music updated weekly.

Features & Benefits

ROK Music

With ROK Mobile, you get a free subscription to ROK Music, our premium music streaming service that you will like if you enjoy Pandora or Spotify.

ROK Music has millions of songs you can listen to as much as you want. Any time, any place, any mood we’ve got you covered. Search for what you want to hear or quickly kick off the jam by genre or mood. Find your favorite artist or the perfect song to fit the moment, and simply press play.

No commercials, unlimited skips, downloading for offline play, personalization filters, mood settings and the latest music helps to make ROK Music the best music service for mobile.

20 Million WiFi Hotspots

Staying connected is important. ROK Mobile connects you seamlessly to over 20 million wifi hotspots throughout the country. Connect on the go and experience blazing fast wifi at places like Target, Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness and more.

Other Benefits

  • Free roaming in the United States
  • Free international texting for our GSM network
  • Connect with over 20 million WiFi hotspots
  • Call forwarding
  • Conditional call forwarding for our GSM network
  • Voicemail


  • Unlimited access to over 20 million songs with the ROK Music service included
  • Nationwide GSM and Sprint coverage
  • Bring your phone or buy one
  • Free roaming in the United States
Cost Breakdown in Detail Monthly
Base Plan $ 49.99
Messages Cost $0.00
Data Cost $0.00
Grand Total $49.99

*Other fees based on usage may apply, including early termination fees and a one time activation fee of $0.00.

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Description Cost Data Excess
Unlimited (5GB at 4G LTE)
$0.00/mo Unlimited$0.00
Description Cost Included
Unlimited $0.00 /month Unlimited
US Rates Cost
Domestic Long Distance Rate $0.00
Roaming charges $0.00
Text messages (pay per use) $
Picture/video messages (pay per use) $0.00

About Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the newest and most state-of-the-art Android-powered phone manufactured by Samsung and offered on a variety of cellular networks. With the Samsung Galaxy S5, users get a host of new features such as a fingerprint reader, heart-rate monitor, ultra-fast processor, water-resistant body, removable battery, expandable memory, 16 megapixel camera, and more. The Samsung Galaxy S5 also offers an ultra long battery life.