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AT&T Mobile Share Advantage 3GB Plan with Apple iPhone X

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Other Available Phones

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AT&T Mobile Share Advantage 3GB Plan with Apple iPhone X

View details about AT&T Mobile Share Advantage 3GB plan with the Apple iPhone X. The Apple iPhone X works with the AT&T Mobile Share Advantage 3GB Plan on the AT&T network. Compare price, features, and plan details for the Apple iPhone X on the AT&T Mobile Share Advantage 3GB plan including phone price, information about upgrades, leasing and financing options, phone specs, contract type, and more at MyRatePlan.

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    $0.00 /mo
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Can bring your own phone
Can check the status of wireless bill directly from the phone
Calls to other phones from the same carrier are free
Free domestic long distance
No roaming charges in the United States
Free nights and weekends

About this Plan

The AT&T Mobile Share Advantage Plan is a no contract individual, family, or business cell phone plan offered by AT&T that features unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text messaging, and between 1GB and 25GB of high-speed data that is shared among the members of the plan. Once the monthly high-speed data limit is met, customers still get unlimited data for the rest of the billing cycle, but it is slowed to 2G speeds. There are no overages whatsoever with the Mobile Share Advantage Plan.

Each Mobile Share Advantage Plan can accommodate up to 10 devices, including tablets and notebooks.

In addition, AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plan subscribers can take advantage of Rollover Data. Data that is not used in a month rolls over for usage in the subsequent month. However the rolled over data expires if not used in the next month.

For unlimited data, we recommend the AT&T Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus plans.

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Calling and Texting

This plan allows for unlimited voice minutes and texting that can be used anytime, 24 hours a day. This plan also offers unlimited texting from the U.S. to over 120 countries around the world. On 10GB plans or higher, get unlimited talk & text to Mexico and Canada and no roaming charges for voice, text, and data plan usage while in Mexico.

No Overage Fees

There are no overage fees whatsoever on the Mobile Share Advantage Plan.

Free Roaming and Long Distance in the United States

The plan offers unlimited free roaming and long distance calling to long distance numbers in the United States, as long as the customer is also in the United States.

Other Included Features

This plan also includes the following features:

  • Mobile hotspot, which allows customers to tether their WiFi-enabled devices to their smartphone in order to access the Internet
  • Call forwarding
  • Basic voice mail
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling
Cost Breakdown in Detail Monthly
Base Plan $ 60.00
Messages Cost $0.00
Data Cost $0.00
Grand Total $60.00

*Other fees based on usage may apply, including early termination fees and a one time activation fee of $25.00.

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Description Cost Data Excess
$0.00/mo 3GB$0.00
Description Cost Included
Unlimited $0.00 /month Unlimited
US Rates Cost
Domestic Long Distance Rate $0.00
Roaming charges $0.00
Text messages (pay per use) $
Picture/video messages (pay per use) $0.00

About Apple iPhone X

This year’s iPhone-- the Apple iPhone X marks a milestone for the company. Its name is pronounced as the iPhone 10, which marks the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. The iPhone X comes with an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display with a 2436x1125 resolution and 458ppi. An A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture runs underneath the display with 4GB of RAM. Onboard storage is a choice between the 64GB and 256GB model. Camera-wise, the iPhone X comes with a dual 12-megapixel rear-facing camera configuration with dual Optical Image Stabilization, Portrait Mode, 4K video recording, and Quad-LED True Tone flash. In front, there is a TrueDepth sensor. Other features available include an infrared camera, dot projector, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and flood illuminator. There will also be infrared facial recognition technology known as Face ID. Compared to the past models, the iPhone X does not include a Home Button. It also comes with wireless charging, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, Augmented Reality, and dust and water resistance. Upon release, the iPhone X runs iOS 11. The phone comes in two colors-- Black and Silver.